How To Boost Morale In Your Business – with Lyndon Wood

How To Boost Morale In Your Business - with Lyndon Wood

In this video, Constructaquote Founder and serial entrepreneur , Lyndon Wood shares his advice on how to boost morale in your business.

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Boosting morale in your business and of course for yourself; I’ll let you know some of the things that I do with my business for my staff.

1. Promote Health

I’m renown for walking around the office and binning cans of coke and sweets, literally throwing off peoples desk and in the bin. In a fun but serious way, because if you care about your staff and care about your staffs health it shows that you’re a caring leader and ‘boss’.

2. Communicate

The other thing is to be honest and open with your staff. So, communicate with well. I believe in open leadership. Open leadership is making sure your employees are aware of everything that you’re doing in the business, within reason. Certain things you can’t tell your staff but there also lots of things you can inform your staff on – e.g, how you’re going to grow, where you’re going to deploy capital, how much you’re spending on certain marketing activities – it gets employees engaged.

We also use a communication tool, an app, where everyone can contribute . It’s a bit like facebook so everyone knows how to use it and everyone contributes and gets engaged.

3. Have Fun

It’s important to have some fun in the business. I’ve gone through periods of time where I have lots of fun in the business, and it stops your sales. It stops your business growing. So you have to have the balance. Have some fun, but remember its a workplace and you’re there to grow the business. You’v got to make it enjoyable for staff. they’ve got to wake up in the morning and feel like they want to come to work, not have to go to work. You’ll always get the mixed bag. You’ll get people that love coming to work and people that hate coming to work – you’ll never get it right 100% of the time because we’re human.

4. Be Human

Also, as the owner, leader or manager of the business – be human. We’re all human and we all have our issues everyday. An employee might have had an argument with their partner , or the kids might be playing up or sick. So, be approachable all of the time. You have to be flexible with your staff. Of course, you don’t want them to take the old proverbial but just be understanding with them. Also, have a walk around the business. Make sure you’re talking to your staff on a regular basis so they can see that you’re human as well and you’re not just the guy or girl at the top creaming all the cash and driving a flash car. Let them know you’re a normal person too.