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Why would my insurer turn down my claim?

Small business claims do get rejected and when it happens to you it can be devastating. Many small business owners appeal and are sure...
The Autumn Budget 2017: What It Means For You

The Autumn 2017 Budget: What It Means For You

The Autumn Budget 2017 has been revealed. What does this mean? The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, has announced the Autumn Budget 2017. So, what does it...
renault twizy electronic car with cyber design

Could the Renault Twizy be the next big thing?

Vans and cities just don’t get on. Vans are big and bulky, cities are crowded with narrow, clogged streets - finding a parking space...
pi insurance

How Your Business Growth May Affect your Professional Indemnity Insurance

As businesses change and grow their setup and structure can change too. You may be involved in a partnership that breaks down, be considering...

1 in 10 Brits now work from home

Latest figures show that 1 in 10 Brits now work from home according to the latest statistics from job site,

Top 5 Business Tips We Can Learn From Fortnite

When it comes to running a small business inspiration can come from strange places. If you have teenage children, know someone with teenage children,...

What to do when a Client Doesn’t Pay

There are many perks of being self-employed or running your own small business, but chasing late payments is not one of them. Almost everyone...
start-up - business concept

8 common startup mistake

After researching all the reasons why startups fail, I’ve compiled the ultimate ‘don’t’ list for startups. Only one in ten startups make it big...
liability insurance quote

How much Public Liability Insurance Cover Do You Need?

Even companies with perfect health and safety records and fantastic due diligence have to deal with accidents every now and again. Despite your best...
Online Lead Generation | constructaquote

5 Reasons to use Online Lead Generation to Grow your Business

Over the years, the way that home improvement companies advertise to potential customers has changed. Door-to-door sales has all but been stamped out, and...