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Top 10 Construction Fails

The Top 10 Construction Fails

The Construction industry is a multi-billion pound industry. It's an important part of the world and life would be very different without it.Whilst construction can...

Alleged 1.6 billion negligence claim from Cattles

Record figures are bandied around like balloons in a global negligence shocker from Cattles and PwC.According to the High Court claim,accounting firm PwC failed...

Thugs cause 60k damage to new Edinburgh train station

You'd think a train station would be safe as houses. However, under-construction Edinburgh station has been hit hard by a group of mindless thugs. British...
construction workers

Labour costs fear the construction sector

As Britain emerges from the recession, the construction sector has experienced rejuvenation with almost 70% of UK construction firms feeling more optimistic about their...

Revolutionary Construction centre to be built in Swansea

The Swansea area has taken the initiative in training tomorrow's workforce today by housing the headquarters of the Construction Wales Innovation Centre (CWIC) at...