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cyber attack

5 ways to help prevent a cyber attack from occurring in your business

Over the last few years, we’ve seen many cyber attacks on big companies hitting the headlines. However, it’s not just large well-known companies that...

What is cyber insurance? | made easy

It's the Golden Age of Technology, but businesses are still facing a massive threat. Cybercrime. 90% of large organisations have reported that they've suffered an...
Cyber insurance | constructaquote

Does your small business really need cyber insurance?

If you’re a business owner, freelancer or consultant you probably think cyber insurance is an unnecessary expense. But, consider this… Whether you realised it or...
The World's Biggest Cyber Attacks

The World’s Biggest Cyber Attacks

As the world becomes more and more reliant on technology, cyber criminals are finding more and more ways to target company databases and steal...
Another Large Scale Cyber Attack affecting Ukraine and companies across the world.

Another Large Scale Cyber Attack affecting Ukraine and companies across the world.

Another Cyber Attack has taken place, as Ukraine has been hit with the biggest cyber attack in its history. This has affected and is...
cyber attack

Is Cyber Insurance the next big thing?

With businesses around the world becoming increasingly aware about the threat of hackers and cyber terrorism, it appears more organisations are looking to protect...

10 business sectors the internet changed

The internet has changed the business world in many different ways. New sectors have been created, some have been forced to shut down. It’s...

SEO for SMEs | The Ultimate Guide

SEO for SMEs | The Ultimate Guide By Kim Latham Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of driving traffic (Internet users) to content (pages, videos,...

How ISO standards can boost your construction business

The construction industry remains one of the most important sectors of a nation. It boosts the economy and is often the largest employer, according...

UK manufacturing and IT sectors continue to thrive

The UK’s manufacturing sector continues to thrive with Britain currently ranking as the 8th largest industrial nation, according to The Manufacturer.