What is ELTO?

employers liability insurance

The Employers’ Liability Tracing Office (ELTO) has been set up by the insurance industry as a separate body to help claimants who have suffered an injury or develop a disease at work, to find the insurer of their former employers quickly and efficiently.

ELTO maintains an Employers Liability Database (ELD) which consists of all new and renewed employers’ liability insurance policies, old employers’ liability policies that have new claims made against them and all successful traces from the current tracing service.

The former employers liability tracing service is supported by a voluntary code of practice and relies solely on insurers checking against their own policy records. The new system hopes to ensure simple, straightforward and corrected practices.

What is it?

All bodies that own employers liability insurance (EL insurance) for UK employers, including active and run-off insurers, were invited to join ELTO as members, on a voluntary basis.

Bodies were required to submit specific data to ELTO in a specific format within a specific timescale. They must also continue to trace their own historic policies in accordance with ELTO membership rules.

ELTO is owned by its members. However, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) manages the governance structure, alongside the Government.

The ELTO programme has been in progress since April 2011. The whole process consisted of three stages before it was completed. The stages were as follows:

Stage 1

ELTO was established in April 2010, on a provisional basis, as an independent body with a provisional Board of Directors. In April 2011, the existing tracing service began transferring from ABI to ELTO.

Stage 2

In January 2011, the FSA introduced regulations for all bodies that own EL liabilities in the UK, including active and run-off companies to publish EL policy data. ELTO members were required to upload new policies, renewed policies and old policies with new claims made against them to the database.

The ELD went live in April 2011, and claimants are now able to access the ELD via the ELTO website.

Stage 3

This involves capturing and recording additional policy information, which is used to help improve future searches. From April 2011, Information including an employer’s reference number (ERN) is compulsory.


ELTO provides full support

ELTO gives insurers and relevant trade bodies, such as the British Insurers’ Broker Association (BIBA) the information and any supporting documents to fully assist claimants who have suffered an injury or a disease at work in finding their employers insurer.

Each insurer has a dedicated ELTO account manager to provide information and support where required. This helps to ensure that the whole process is as effective as possible.

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