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How To Protect Yourself From Tool Theft

How To Protect Yourself From Tool Theft

by constructaquote - 22 April 2017


The growing rise of tool theft in the UK continues to increase with an estimated £35.5 million worth of tools stolen in 2016; a 30.5 per cent increase compared to 2015.

Undoubtedly, the UK appears to be experiencing something of a construction site-theft crime wave with professional construction tools being stolen all over the country.

Many tradesmen will more than likely know of someone who has been affected by tool crime, and many builders will have suffered theft of their own goods at some point with vans, sheds, construction sites, lockups, and even houses being swiped all over the UK.

Who Is Responsible?

Although it is not known exactly who the culprits of each offence are, many of the thefts are opportunist in nature, carried out by desperate criminals trying to obtain tools for their own use or to sell for cash. The offenders break into outbuildings, lockups, construction sites and vans to nab whatever they can lay their hands on before making a run for it.

However, tool and equipment theft is now becoming a lot more organised as the market for construction equipment grows.

For tradesmen and construction workers, trade tools are extremely important. They can be very expensive and ultimately be the difference between winning a good job and a poor one – and not winning a job at all!

So, What Can Tradesmen Do To Protect Their Tools?

Here are some reasonable and affective measures you can take as a tradesman or construction worker to protect your tools from being stolen…

  1. Firstly, consider if it is vital your tools have to stay in your vehicle overnight, or can they be taken into your home? Vehicle break-ins are more common overnight when most owners are asleep in bed.
  2. If you have to leave tools in your vehicle, make sure your car is fitted with a loud alarm and aim to park in a busy, built up area if it is during the day or a 24/7 CCTV secured area during the night.
  3. Mark your tools so they can be easily noticed in future and mark them on Immobilise register.
  4. Store your equipment in a secure unit or garage with unimpeachable locks.
  5. If you’re protecting a premises, 24/7 security with CCTV can help to identify the criminals or prevent them from stealing your equipment in the first place.

And When That’s Not Enough?…

If you’ve taken all of the above precautions and they’re still not enough to prevent your tools from being stolen, consider protecting your tools in the same way you would protect your home – with the right insurance policy.

At Constructaquote, we offer a range of insurance policies for tradesmen including Goods In Transit, Contractors All Risks, and Tools Cover to protect you in the event of a robbery.

Find out which policy is best for you here.