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Do I need public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance policies are designed to provide businesses with confidence as they carry out their business activities. If your business comes into contact with...

Employers liability is a legal requirement

Employers’ liability insurance protects a business and its owner against employees that make a liability claim as a result of an injury at work,...

Is Cyber Insurance the next big thing?

With businesses around the world becoming increasingly aware about the threat of hackers and cyber terrorism, it appears more organisations are looking to protect...



Insurance advice for the self employed

Moving from the relative security of a staff role to self-employment can be extremely daunting in so many ways, especially given today’s precarious economic...

Preparing for trade fairs

If you’re signed up to an exhibition, trade fair or presentation you’ll need to be ready in good time. This means getting to grips...
workign too hard

Are tradespeople working too hard?

According to research conducted towards the end of 2012, seven out of 10 of you are working at least five hours of unpaid overtime...


new generation of worker

Trades dominated by New Generation of Passionate, Diverse Workers

Research carried out by AXA, a leading provider of construction industry insurance in the UK,...
accident at construction site

Always be safe at a construction site

Building sites come in all shapes and sizes from a large construction compound to a...

Asbestos deaths: 20 tradesmen a week afflicted

Tradespeople could be coming into contact with the potentially fatal asbestos chemical more than 100...

Volkswagen Transporter Bluemotion Test Drive

We took out the Volkswagen Transporter Bluemotion on a test drive to run a couple...
vw van

Can used vans boost your businesses confidence?

For many small businesses in the UK, commercial vehicles are paramount to their success, particularly...


Win an Next Base Dashcam 512-G with constructaquote.com

Do you have your eye on the market's leading dash cam, but don't want to shell out that kind of cash? You're in luck!...


21719745 - lavender and label with lettering bed and breakfast

Opening a B&B

For many people, running a bed-and-breakfast (B&B) is the dream lifestyle business, whether as a part of a retirement plan or an escape from...


Modified van insurance

Van drivers are renowned for taking a lot of pride in their vehicles, and making a few alterations here and there is not unheard...
Portrait Of Apprentice Engineer In Factory

Can women succeed in engineering

We are in the midst of a thickening skills-crisis. Unless more is done to entice the other 50% of the population to these sectors...

Compliance costs crippling small businesses

Running a small business entails many challenges as you strive to grow your company in a creative and innovative way. It’s no wonder then...
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