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5 secrets leader business

Top 5 secrets of being a leader in business

by constructaquote - 19 September 2019


When it comes to your work or your business, you need to be an effective leader. Bring in change when needed and make sure your ship doesn’t have any holes in it, and if it does, you need to work as a team to patch the holes up.

There are a few secrets to being a talented leader, it can take a lot of work, but you can be better off for it.

Be A Teacher

When it comes to being a successful leader, you have to teach as it’s the best way to get more out of your team and those around you. Sharing the knowledge you have in order to help your team progress. Mentoring your team to be better is more than just talking, it’s teaching and working hard together. It requires communication, which needs you to listen back.

Sometimes you need to chuck them into the deep end, sometimes you need a soft approach, you need to be flexible as everyone learns differently but you need to make sure you’re there to bring your team up with you.

Take Feedback and Don’t Complain

Feedback is very important when being a leader, you need to know when you’re going the distance as well as when you’re not doing enough. Looking at your team’s morale, their performance, their needs to achieve their goals to support the business. Make sure you’re actively listening and not passively predicting what they mean. It makes your employees feel heard, supported and valued.

Don’t complain either, it’s okay to be honest with your employees about workloads you have to deal with and complain when certain projects are taking too much time, you’re a leader you need to be strict sometimes, but if you complain more than you compliment, that’s a sign of a bad leader.

Admit Fault

Sometimes as a leader, you feel you need to be perfect because your employees are watching. As we all know, that’s never going to happen. So when your work disrupts someone else’s or you didn’t take someone else’s advice on the team, or just a slight mistake. Apologise, admit you were wrong, learn from it and move on.

Business isn’t a perfect world and wasting more time on ego than working to your goal is just going to make you seem weak as a leader. Strong leaders learn from mistakes and admit their faults.

Be Passionate and Enthusiastic

Your team needs morale. If you come into work without showing that your passionate or enthusiastic about your job and your business, then why should your employees? Bring in that enthusiasm that brings up the mood, if you’re not feeling it on a certain day, that’s fine, even leaders need to lean on their team sometimes but as long as you appreciate them and their work. Then you’ve built respect and a good team.

It’s Not Just About You

When you make a business or are leading one, it’s quite typical for you to think of yourself as the centre of it as a leader. It’s not just about you, it’s about everyone. You’re there to lead people through the storm and help them do their work. When something is great, congratulate the team, when something goes wrong in the business, learn from it and work with the team as one, it’s about community.


Some of the best leaders have a workspace where they feel comfortable and able to do their work without feeling compromised. Look at your business, are there things you could be improving.