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Cyber insurance made easy

What is cyber insurance? | made easy

by constructaquote - 14 February 2018


It’s the Golden Age of Technology, but businesses are still facing a massive threat. Cybercrime.

90% of large organisations have reported that they’ve suffered an information security breach and 74% of SME’s have reported the same.

The problem is the average cost of an SME with a severe attack is between £75,000 and £310,000, and that’s enough to put most out of business.

This is where Cyber Insurance comes in, it’s designed to help and protect consultants and businesses from cyber security breaches. If you utilise e-mail or a website in your day to day business,
or you store customer data electronically then it’s a good idea to get yourself protected from potential security risks.

Our policy can cover hardware costs, data corruption to restore the system back to before the infection. Cyber liability to cover defence costs from third party claims. Data breach expense to cover the investigation,and also loss of income.

If you want to learn more about cyber security, feel free to take a look at our guide on our website, and also get yourself a quote on Cyber insurance as well.

Cause at constructaquote, honesty is our best policy.