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Dispelling White Man Van Stereotype

Dispelling the White Van Man Stereotype

by constructaquote - 29 July 2016


The stereotype of the white van man has been long held but as most of us know, there is much more to the people behind the wheels of the many vans travelling for business up and down the UK. This infographic produced by IronmongeryDirect.com has been created using feedback, information and research taken from over 10,000 tradespeople. It looks into everything from their working practices to their favourite tipple and once and for all dispels the stereotype of the white van man.

Yes, the infographic does find that the majority of tradespeople are men and the majority of them do own a van, but more than half of these vans are not white and they are more likely to read The Guardian than the Daily Star. The infographic also dispels the myths regarding the work ethic of the white van man and highlights that most tradespeople have prioritised being proud of doing a good job, providing accurate advice and turning up on time to ensure their businesses succeed.

It’s refreshing to see that there is a lot more to the many tradesmen and women in the UK than the tired stereotype. Professional and committed, the tradespeople of the UK have plenty to be proud of.

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