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Landlord insurance made easy

What is landlord insurance? | made easy

by constructaquote - 20 February 2018


Landlord insurance is a key part of keeping your property protected, and your tenants happy.

But what can it include?

Though there’s no legal requirement, there are multiple reasons why you should obtain landlord insurance.

Some mortgages will even require an adequate amount of buildings insurance to protect both your financial interests.

And once a property becomes a letted property, all previous home building and contents insurance becomes void.

Going without a policy means you’ll have to cover damages yourself,

which includes, fire, flooding, theft, vandalism, and much, much more.

And if you fail to provide your duty of care as a landlord,

that goes for members of the public, neighbours and just plain visitors,

you can be sued for quite a substantial amount,

and that’s quite common.

At constructaquote.com, we can offer cover of £2 million liability cover with excesses as low as £100.

We can offer discounts for multi-property portfolios and arrange cover for private dwellings, flats and semi-commercial property.

Get yourself a free, quick and easy quote at constructaquote.com.