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Top 5 Tips for Working From Home

Top 5 Tips for Working From Home

by constructaquote - 27 March 2020


These are challenging times for all of us so in a bid to keep us all healthy (and sane), check out our top 5 tips to working (successfully) from home.

Get Dressed

As trivial as this sounds, getting dressed will help you into the routine of getting ready for work. It will help you to be in the right mind-set and will forge the way for your day ahead.

Create an Office Space

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how long Coronavirus is going to be around so it’s important to create an office space for yourself. Sitting on the sofa all day in your living room just isn’t conducive for long periods of time.

Plan Your Day

Structure is more important now than ever so create a to-do list to help you focus and tick off each of your tasks once complete. This way, you’ll still feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of your working day.

Take Breaks

One of the key ways to survive this difficult time is to create a routine for yourself. This includes taking a few regular breaks just like you would in an office environment.  So go and get some fresh air (in your garden) and go and make yourself a cup of tea – the point is, stretch your legs so that you’re ready to refocus on your work once back at your desk.

Call Someone

It’s really important for everyone’s mental health to stay in touch with people especially if you live alone. Arrange to have daily update calls with colleagues, check in with clients and have a real conversation. Set up video calls with colleagues on Skype or Zoom, it’s important to have real contact.