The Top 5 Business Resolutions For 2017

Photograph of an open red diary ready for business owners to write their business resolutions.

We’re already a month deep into the New Year and by now, most people have already failed at their New Year’s resolutions. However, it’s still not too late to turn the year around and make some big changes to improve your business in 2017.

Here are the 5 top business resolutions to make 2017 a successful business year…

  1. Embrace Digital

The digital world has become an important part of society and whether you like it or not, there’s no avoiding it.

Businesses need to embrace digital in order to stay current and grow. Whether you spend this year focusing on creating more content around your brand or spend more hours engaging with customers on social media, you may want to consider your digital presence as a big part of your marketing strategy.

The thought of juggling all of the social media platforms can be overwhelming. Pick a social network that will work well for you and your business. As an example Facebook tends to meet every business’s requirement. Focusing on one platform consistently means you can build a strong following and it also prevents you from wasting time.

  1. Simplify And Organise Essentials

The New Year is a great time to get everything organised and in good working order. Making sure you have the correct insurance in place for your business could eliminate the risk of expensive claims throughout the year.

Whether it’s public liability, professional indemnity or employers’ liability – consider protecting your business. You can find out more about these different policies here.

If you find yourself spending too much time every month stressing over admin tasks like wages and invoices, simplify your methods by opting for cloud based software tools like Xero, QuickBooks or other popular software companies.

  1. Ditch What Doesn’t Work

If something isn’t working in your business, think about not wasting any more time trying to make it work, by accepting it and moving on. Maybe one of your worst selling products is actually costing you money; whatever it is, it may be better to focus your efforts on finding out what does work rather than spending a whole year forcing something that doesn’t.

  1. Increase Sales

This is a common resolution for everyone and even the biggest most successful companies want to increase their sales. As it’s the New Year, you could look at finding new ways to sell your products/services as well as new methods to reach your customers. Or, maybe it’s time to introduce a new product or service to your business? You may also want to focus on improving your customer service so that more people buy from you. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Some of the best growth stories are from businesses that took a huge leap of faith.

  1. Change the Business Culture

When the culture of your business is positive, everything will run a lot more smoothly. Focus on making the environment for your employees and customers a joyful one. Allow employees to have more independence and responsibility to make decisions. You could also try giving them freedom to make decisions so that they feel like they really are part of the business.

A happy work force = a happy business