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tradesmen can use tech boost business

How Tradesmen Can Use Tech to Boost Business

by constructaquote - 7 July 2016


Many tradesmen are already using tech every day to build business and make it more straightforward. From setting up a Facebook page for marketing purposes to using a tablet for access to technical instructions whilst working, technology has facilitated many changes in the trades and allows businesses to expand and prosper beyond all expectations.

Research carried out by the .uk domain run by Nominet has found that there is a growing number of tech-savvy and tech-literate tradespeople profiting from their own websites and gaining significantly more work because of it.

Tradespeople who have their own websites are said to have picked up at least 21 additional jobs a year, worth around £16,590 on average. Despite this, 320,000 do not have their own websites yet and whilst they may have some social media presence they are missing out on the considerable boost the web can give their business.

Why you need a Good Web Presence for your Business

As the statistics above show there are huge benefits to having your own website and it can lead to significantly more jobs and leads for your business.

With the help of a professional web designer you can get a site together which looks fantastic on any device and can be showed off via your phone or tablet whilst on the job if you wish. You can also integrate your social media channels to your website and the combined effort will help to push your business forward.

Of course this is only the case if you regularly post valuable content and have a good stream of recommendations to share. It takes some time to get used to having an online presence but as the statistics from Nominet show, there are huge benefits to investing in the web.

Smart Homes need Smart Tradespeople

The growth of smart technology in the modern home is forcing tradespeople who are less reluctant to get with the times. There are smart technologies popping up in almost every home, from Smart gas meters to Hive and Nest applications, which allow elements of the home heating and electrics to be monitored remotely.

The more tradespeople know and understand about these new technologies, the more they can hone their businesses to suit the modern homeowner.

There are many different areas where technology is helping tradespeople push their business forward and anyone not taking advantage of these advances will surely fall behind their competitors.