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Twitter for tradesmen

Twitter for tradesmen

by constructaquote - 21 June 2016


Many tradesmen hear the word ‘Twitter’ and recoil in horror, but to use Twitter to boost your business is not as difficult as it seems. Follow these 5 easy steps to get the most out of twitter for your business.

1. Follow, Follow, Follow

In order to generate followers you need to get following. Instead of randomly following people and businesses (who could be based all over the world) target your search locally. You can do this by searching for bars, clubs restaurants and shops in your local area. These businesses are likely to have already jumped on the social media bandwagon to promote their nights/offers and sales. Most of their followers are likely to live locally. Hey presto! A super quick way to build local followers! But remember, not all people will follow you back but a good majority should.

2. Search for Customers

By searching for your trade in the top search bar or tweeting your services, you can attract and seek out customers to build your customer base. Update your twitter account once or twice a day to let your followers know the services that you offer. By updating on a regular basis, your posts will be seen on followers screen for a larger portion of time. The aim being a potential customer comes across you at a time they need a service; your tweet is visible to them or fresh in their mind.

3. Build Trust

Successful Twitter contributors often give advice/tips for free to their followers. By tweeting a ‘Tip of the Day’ (as a Tradesman I’m sure you will have plenty of these up your sleeve)…you will be offering not only services as a company but your expertise free to followers, who are also potential customers, who will begin to trust you, and your company. The aim being that when these followers need some work done, they will remember you and seek you out on Twitter, even though you may never have met, the trust has already been built up.

4. Social Media Integration

If you already have a Facebook page, and your fan base has already been built, take full advantage of this. By synchronising Twitter and Facebook you can invite fans to follow you on Twitter. This can be achieved by posting requests to your Facebook friends/fans to come follow you on twitter @……… (enter your twitter name after the @) Comments are now being accepted as normal and vital for feedback, testimonials for your business can be extracted from Twitter and Facebook. If you find your customer on any of these channels encourage them to post their feedback of your service to their Twitter, Facebook account, and there you have it, free promotion! In this day in age, positive feedback about a company left on the likes of Twitter and Facebook, is the most valuable kind of feedback as what could be seen as digital word of mouth.

5. Google’s Social Search

Many Tradesmen do not have the time or money to invest in Search Engine Optimisation which is required to get your website (if you have one) ranked on Google. But with Google being the most frequently used search engine it is imperative that your name has the opportunity to be visible on Google’s pages. Google has now enabled a search facility that allows Twitter updates to be searched for on Google. This includes live and archived tweets as well as search blogs and videos. Twitter updates are even appearing in mainstream search which, with Google’s ever increasing search refinery these updates will appear more often as time goes on. It is important to note that any social media accounts, including Twitter, are actively used for them to appear in Google ranking.