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10 businesses internet changed

10 business sectors the internet changed

by constructaquote - 24 September 2019


The internet has changed the business world in many different ways. New sectors have been created, some have been forced to shut down. It’s offered many pros and cons but there are certain sectors that transformed and developed themselves into a thriving business.

Travel Aggregators

(Skyscanner, Airbnb, Booking.com)

Since the introduction of travel aggregator websites, holiday fanatics have had much more control over each aspect of their holiday. People can use Skyscanner to choose competitively priced flights on the best dates on offer. They can book accommodation through sites like Airbnb or Booking.com to choose from rustic homes to swanky apartments, you can holiday the way you want to, down to the smallest detail.


Uber, Lyft, MyTaxi

Using transport used to be a case of catching the bus, call a taxi, or wing it. Now, no matter what country you’re in, it’s very likely you can use a peer-to-peer ride-sharing app to get around. You get told the rough cost of the ride at the start, the chance to review your driver, and often a better customer service experience due to competition. There are controversial opinions over these apps but customers have found them more suitable for their lives and it has changed a business sector that has been stagnant to change for consumer needs for decades.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

In the days before social media, it was mainly a case of calling and texting people in order to sort plans and organise events. Social Media changed that by offering up group chat, event planning systems, easy places to store images and keep up to date with friends in an easy an manageable way. It also gave businesses an easy way to communicate with customers and open them to new products and brands. This is a big plus for smaller ecommerce businesses. Products like Skype enable group meetings to take place no matter where you are, along with Facebook developing their own work focused social media platform called “Workplace”.

Global Crowdfunding

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, JustGiving

The days of only having to raise money by knocking door to door, donation pots in corner shops or standing in the streets with a bucket are getting smaller and smaller. Now people can set up their own campaigns online and pool together groups of people who believe in your cause. Allowing you to be direct and potentially get more money. The independent scene on the internet has exploded over the past decade with strong fans and a core belief in supporting small creatives, charities, engineers, and projects.


Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music

Long gone are the days of going to your local music shop to get the latest album, now most people download or stream the individual songs they love from an album or listen to the latest singles instead. The internet has helped the music scene grow and shrink in very different ways online, the smaller creator has a bigger platform with a closer relationship to their audience, meanwhile bigger mainstream artists don’t earn as much as they used to as people are opting for individual songs instead of whole albums, as well as the issue of piracy and the low royalties given from steaming sites. It’s a complex industry to look at, but there’s no doubt that the way we consume music today compared to 20 years ago is due to the internet.

TV and Movies

Netflix, Prime, NowTV

No need to go to Blockbusters or only buy a DVD anymore. If you want to watch a film or binge a TV series, you can do so across tons of providers, at any time you like, on any device you have. They say we’re in the TV golden age of content and we have the internet to thank for it. No need to just accept what is on TV, now we can pick and support the shows we love.

Take Aways

Just Eat, Hungry House, Deliveroo

Let’s be real, how many times did you have miscommunication when calling up to make a takeaway order? Leaving with a korma instead of a vindaloo. With takeaway apps and sites available it’s all in text form and you can track it from the oven to your door. You can often customise it for a specific time to arrive, meaning Friday night takeaways are planned in advance if needed, and on certain takeaway sites, you can order from multiple places in one go, Meaning everyone is pleased, from the passionate for pizza to the crazy for a kebab.


Amazon, ASOS,  eBay

Online has proven an amazing place for retail, from the small independent shops getting a wider audience, to competitive prices for well-known brands. Consumers are getting a better price thanks to the internet as well as the ability to shop around with ease. You can even pick up custom made items from indie sellers, or some second-hand stuff from your average joe.


Epic Games, Steam, PlayStation Network

In the ’90s, multiplayer typically meant you had 2-4 players sat in the same room playing a game on one TV. Now multiplayer means you also have the ability to be on the other side of the planet, and with the ability to fit it around busy work schedules, you can still talk and in a way “hang out” with your friends. Console and PC games have seen new online markets meaning you don’t have to own a massive bookshelf to store all your games. You can just download them when you want to play them. You don’t need multiple CD’s or Floppy Disks to load up one game anymore.


Monzo, Clearscore, Insurance

Managing your money and financial situation has become easier since the introduction of the internet. With online-only banks such as Monzo, credit score checking sites like Clearscore, and even insurance comparison sites, such as us!

You get the ability to keep an eye on all these things without making annoying trips to your nearest bank or insurance provider. You can do it all from the comfort of your home and feel better that you’re keeping an easy eye on some of the things that can make or break your business.

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