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5 Ways To Boost Morale In Your Business

5 Ways To Boost Morale In Your Business

by constructaquote - 10 April 2017


The key to a productive and positive work environment obviously lies in ensuring your employees feel valued and respected in your company. The happier your employees are within your business, the more motivated they will be to generate positive results and sales. There are several ways you can keep employee morale high and let your team know that their efforts are acknowledged too. Here’s our top 5 ways to boost workplace morale and heighten productivity… 

  1. Have incentive programmes in place to reward employees

An incentive programme is the ideal way to reward employees for meeting and exceeding targets in your company. Your employees will be motivated to work hard to earn a reward if you have a clear incentive system in place. They’re also likely to appreciate being recognised for their achievements and their commitment to your business. This in turn will lead to increased workplace productivity and positive results throughout your workplace. You could even encourage some friendly competition in the office by keeping a scoreboard on display, with a reward for the employee with the best results.

2. Remember Employees’ Birthdays and events

Whether it’s a birthday, an engagement or a new baby your employee is celebrating, show them you recognise what’s important in their lives. A birthday cake or an office whip around to buy a thoughtful gift helps to foster company loyalty and maintain a positive, caring office environment. You’ll be keeping all of your employees happy with a slice of birthday cake too!

3. Organise company social events

Your employees are working together day in, day out so it’s really important to maintain both working and social relationships and keep your office a positive place to be. Organising company days out and fun team building exercises outside of the 9-5 is a great way to achieve this. Even something as simple as an evening at the local pub can help to keep your employees’ spirits high! Company sports teams or an inter-office bowling tournament are great options for creating a bit of friendly rivalry and maintaining a sense of fun at work.

4. Promote internally and invest in your employees’ training

When you’ve put a lot of effort into sourcing the very best employees for your company, it’s important you invest in their success. Encourage them to progress within your business by providing additional training to complement their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses. Further, inform your employees about your company’s opportunities for promotion that will be available to them to reward hard work. Promoting internally when vacancies arise not only greatly benefits your employees, but is also cost effective for your business. Internal promotions minimise necessary workplace training and disruption by employing workers who are already integrated and thriving within your workplace. A focus on internal promotions will additionally reassure those working in your business that you’re committed to helping them reach their full career potential.

5. Maintain a positive work environment

Employees will inevitably want to work in a positive, highly motivating and enriching environment, where they enjoy the atmosphere of their workplace. A negative, depressing office has the opposite effect on employees’ attitudes and can result in substandard work being produced. Consistently recognising excellent work and keeping employer and employee interactions positive are both essential actions to improve morale. An approachable and good-natured employer is essential to sustain communication in the workplace and nurture workplace relations. Encouraging mindfulness in the workplace is also a step in the right direction. You could organise lunchtime yoga sessions or establish an employee ‘chill out’ or meditation area to allow time for employees to reflect and relax. Meditation within the workplace in particular has been shown to increase focus, foster employee loyalty and improve communication and productivity!

These are all extremely important areas to focus on in your business to promote and encourage employee morale in your company. These simple strategies could have a noticeable and lucrative impact on your company’s results, so why not give them a try?

Check out this video by Constructaquote Founder and serial entrepreneur, Lyndon Wood, on how he boosts morale in his business…