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Time Management Hacks

Increase Your Productivity With These 5 Time Management Hacks

by constructaquote - 20 April 2017


Learning how to successfully manage your time is one of the most effective ways to enhance your productivity in your business. By proactively focusing on how you’re spending your day, you can effectively get more done in less time. Bring your best self into your workplace or home office with our top 5 time management hacks…

1. Tackle Your Biggest And Most Important Tasks Of The Day First

Make a list of your three most important tasks to get done at the start of your day. This will limit your temptation to procrastinate and set the tone for a productive and focused day. Most people are also naturally more efficient in the morning, meaning it’s easier to get all your hardest tasks out of the way too. Write a daily task list before you begin your workday and highlight your most important duties so you know what should be at the top of your to-do list.

2. Set Times To Check Your Email

Checking your email at random intervals throughout the day is one of the worst uses of your time. It’s a sure-fire way to interrupt your work flow and waste time on unimportant tasks. Set specific times to check and reply to emails, such as mid-morning, after lunch and early evening to avoid getting sucked into this unproductive trap!

3. Use A Timer To Keep Yourself On Task

If you’re someone who struggles with procrastination, keep yourself motivated to get through your to-do list by using a timer. Choose a time limit to focus your concentration on a specific task and schedule a break for when the timer sounds. Aim to work in time blocks of 90 minutes, followed by a 10- 20 minute break to keep your interest levels high. Studies also say 90 minutes is the optimum time we can maintain our concentration, so using a timer is the ideal way to break through your pattern of procrastination. Your phone even has a timer built in so this hack couldn’t be easier!

4. Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Meetings can be a great tool to brainstorm with colleagues or discuss business issues with different company departments. However, they can also take over your day’s schedule and decrease your available time to complete more important tasks. To effectively manage your time, only schedule meetings when absolutely necessary and write a plan of issues to discuss before essential meetings. This will ensure your meetings remain a focused and productive use of your time. You could even switch face to face meetings to Skype or digital conferences to save travel time and maximise your working hours.

5. Remain Focused On Your Deadlines

Set up a noticeboard near your desk to keep track of important deadlines and events you’ve scheduled on your calendar. This will ensure you can prioritise when to begin and complete certain tasks and can help you to write effective daily to do lists. This time management hack should help you avoid a last minute panic about a forgotten meeting or an all important proposal too!

Time management isn’t the only tool you can use to hack your way to a productive day. Have a read of our guide to the best business habits for self employed people for more ways to reach optimum productivity in your company.