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7 ways to fall in love again with your business

7 ways to fall in love again with your business

by constructaquote - 6 February 2020


Every relationship has its ups and downs even the one with your company

Remember the rush of excitement when you decided to go it alone and start your own business? The moment your heart started to pound when you won your first client?

Over time it’s easy to lose that loving feeling when you have a million tasks to complete so it’s important to take time out to reflect and to remind yourself of why you started your business in the first place.

Check out these top 7 tips on how to fall in love and rekindle the passion again with your business.

  • Don’t work in isolation – There are several reasons for joining networking events and one of the most crucial is mixing with similar people who understand and appreciate what you’re going through. Being able to share ideas on productivity, resources, suppliers, as well as processes could save you time and money – not to mention, energy.
  •  Reflect – Look back at your business plan or strategy to see how far you’ve come since you launched your company. Rome wasn’t built in a day but reviewing your strategy will help you to refocus on the bigger picture and achieve success faster. If you’ve come this far without a business plan, don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be a complicated document, just create your goals and the timelines you want to complete them in.
  • Do what you do best – Delegate the mundane tasks to someone else (or outsource them) and free yourself up to do what you do best. Your business will be better for it and you’ll be happier and more driven if you get to do what you love.
  • Take a break – A long weekend away is unlikely to break your business and a fresh perspective on things could be just the tonic to finding new inspiration.

Plus, a little time out will allow you to recoup your energy and could be just the key to kick-starting your goals again on your return.

  • Set goals – Do your goals make you excited and eager to start your day? If the answer is no then perhaps you need to set new ones. This is your business and if you’re not driven to succeed it’s unlikely anybody else will be either.
  •  Call your accountant – One of the biggest passion killers in a relationship is the subject of money and if this is an underlying factor for falling out of love with your company then give your accountant a shout for some peace of mind. Find out how you’re doing and where you’re going. If you know the reality of your situation then you can go about improving it.
  • Look after yourself – If you can’t look after yourself then you can’t look after everybody else (or so the saying goes) but there is an element of truth to this. Your business is your responsibility and to run it successfully it’s important to ensure you, as the owner, are also on top form.

Top 5 Productivity Tools for SMEs

Crello –This free graphic design tool is ideal for those lacking graphic design skills. Crello helps you create social media posts, video posts and presentations through its free design templates and quirky visuals.

Fleep – If you need colleagues to simultaneously work on a project, Fleep allows you to message and share files on pin boards and note books. Fleep let’s teams plan and execute ideas without having to sign in and out separately.

Time Doctor – This handy tool is useful for senior managers wanting to keep tabs on their staff. Essentially a time-tracking app, Time Doctor lets users set up alerts to keep people on the road to productivity by tracking working hours and keeping teams accountable.

Pic Monkey – This photo editing and design software tool helps you to create and style collages and is a handy platform for visual and creative communication. From social media posts to cover photos and adverts, PicMonkey will help you create the lot!

GetResponse – From customer newsletters to perfectly-timed emails, GetResponse frees up the time of marketing teams working on mundane tasks and allows them to focus on bigger tasks.