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Tips for Reducing your Public Liability Claims Risk

Tips for Reducing your Public Liability Claims Risk

by constructaquote - 2 August 2016


As a business owner there are lots of different responsibilities and it is very easy to put your public liability obligations near the bottom of the pile. However, if an accident does happen in your workplace and you’re not prepared, the risk of a damaging claim is much higher. Whilst you cannot avoid all claims, you can have the best possible systems and processes in place to ensure the risk of claim is as low as it can be.

Keep these tips in mind for managing and reducing your public liability claims risk.

Invest in Appropriate Cover

You need public liability insurance so your business is protected should a member of public be injured or have an accident on your premises, or in connection with your business activities. The insurance cover you require depends heavily on your business area and other specific factors unique to your business. It is important to fully define and lay out what your company provides to its customers and the risks it may pose to third parties, including members of the public as well as paying customers. From this point you can shop around for the right cover.

Review and Risk Assess

The safety procedures for your business must be regularly reviewed and updated to account for new equipment or personnel. You can never assume that because you reviewed your safety procedures a year ago that everything is still in order today. Try and review your procedures at least every six months because with this up to date knowledge of all potential risks you have everything you can possibly use to avoid accidents.

Heightened Awareness

You can’t be on edge all the time but it is important to be aware of your workplace and what is happening around you. A good understanding of how everyone is interacting with the environment will help you to spot any additional risks or hazards and act upon them.

Address Accidents Efficiently

If there is an accident on your property then act professionally, quickly and efficiently. Document the scene fully, take statements and record everything you can in as much depth as possible. Showing you genuinely care in the period immediately after the accident will stand you in good stead should a claim be brought against you.

Research and Plan for the Future

Thorough research and planning will only bolster your safety record. Take note of accidents reported by the Health and Safety Executive and other industry news sources. Use the information provided and apply it to your own workplace, could that accident have occurred on your premises? You can learn from other people’s mistakes as well as your own.

You can’t stop all accidents but you can set your business up to be as safe and protected as it is possible to be.