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How To Get Your Name Out There As A Business Consultant

by constructaquote - 13 April 2017


There are many techniques you can use to generate new business leads, but how do you convert these leads into repeat clients? The answer is simple – a consistent and continual approach to marketing.

Marketing can be a great way to grow clientele, create loyalty and generate new business. However, the fact is, marketing takes a lot of work.

To help you wrap your head around marketing. We’ve complied some conventional methods favoured by consultants to get the word out about your business:

Direct mail

Direct mail can be a fantastic way to target audiences. You can create some valuable content, build rapport and strengthen your brand image.

Here are some tips for creating attention-grabbing direct mail:

  • Personalize your message: Use ‘tags’ in a mail merge to address the recipient by name.
  • Put a witty headline on the message: Attention-grabbers like “Special offer,” can encourage the recipient to keep reading.
  • Make it easy to respond to your email: Add phone numbers, website URL, and email addresses – the simpler it is to respond, the more likely a prospect will get in touch.


Newsletters can be a great way of rounding up clients and creating a buzz. By presenting topics, news and content you can attract potential clients, and remind former clients about your services. 

Here are some ideas for your newsletter content:

  • Important industry news and updates: You can collect this information from a variety of sources, including industry websites – make sure you credit the source of each news item you use.
  • Tips: Help your readers with business advice. For example, run a ‘top ten tip for success’ and ask readers to comment.
  • Editorials: These give you a chance to have your say about a subject in your field.


Networking events if planned well can generate valuable leads. Attend local networking events, business groups or professional associations to start building relations.

Show up to networking events fully prepared with your business card, brochure or other marketing materials.

How to strike a lead? Introduce yourself, business and services and watch body language and reactions – the more friendly; the more likely you will be able to gain future opportunities.


With the cost of advertising ranging from affordable to expensive, finding advert space in your price range can be a chore.

Depending on your service, a great solution to cheaper advertising can be specialised trade journals or magazines in your industry. You can place a small call to action ad or a full print article – consider advertising in any specialty sections that might include your keywords.

Another inexpensive adverting tool is your local Yellow Pages or News Paper. Consider buying a space big enough for contact details, call to action, and logo – this will make your business look more established.

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