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Public liability insurance made easy

What is public liability insurance? | made easy

by constructaquote - 18 February 2018


What is Public Liability insurance?

It’s a big topic, so let’s simplify it.

If a client visits you and their property is damaged by something you did.

You’re expected to pay.

And if you’re a tradesman, working in a clients home or office, and the third party trips and falls on your equipment
or if you cause structural damage to the building, you’re gunna be held liable.

This is where Public Liability insurance comes in, instead of you having to pay the cost of the damages, your policy does.

At constructaquote, you get specialised legal help in your defence, someone to fix or replace what was damaged, and compensation for the person claiming.

Many businesses often choose £2-5 million for their cover, but at constructaquote.com we can offer up to £10 million in cover.

So check out what’s right for you by filling out our online form, cause at constructaquote.com, honesty is our best policy.