The Caerphilly Networking Event November 2016

Men shaking hands and exchanging business cards

On 29th November, the stadium, home to Caerphilly Rugby club held the first of what will become a regular monthly Caerphilly Networking Event for South Wales SME’s.

The event ran from 5pm-7pm and played host to several keynote speakers. The event format featured below aimed to bring people together whilst offering an opportunity to learn more from successful businesses and spokespeople within the South Wales business community.

Event details:

  • From 5pm to 5:30pm –30 mins of Free Style Business Networking.
  • From 5:30pm to 6pm – Keynote speaker Todd Kelman, MD from the Cardiff Devils, gave a fantastic presentation about looking after your repeat customers (in their case season ticket holders), and making sure that all customers, especially those loyal to you, have a great experience.
  • 6pm to 6:30pm – We also heard from our hosts, Simon Hughes & Phil Emanuel from Caerphilly RFC & Kevin Buchler from
  • 6:30pm to 7pm – Formal Networking and buffet.

Keynote speaker talking at networking event in South Wales

Simon Hugh’s from Caerphilly RFC and Profession Direct discussed the aim of the Caerphilly Networking Events, to bring the businesses of Caerphilly and surrounding areas closer to each other to help improve the area and the South East Wales region in general; noting this contributed towards 75% of Wales GDP.

“We are looking to create a group of leading local business owners, to help each other navigate through business challenges, create an inclusive networking group and provide introductions to other business looking for their services and assist with network marketing… We want you to get as much out of it as you want.”

Simon also stated: “Every one of you have at least 250+ connections, this means we have the reach of 10,000+ potentials customers and business partners in this room…Assisting each other grow in this respect should be effective and fun.”

The topic of the recent Cardiff City Deal – an agreement between the UK and Welsh governments and the ten leaders of the local Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) to boost infrastructure with a £1.2 billion investment – was also included with Simon discussing how investment could really help to improve the area and impact business for all those looking to become more involved.

Local South Wales businessman gives talk at networking event

Phil Emanuel from Caerphilly RFC and The Business Protection Company added more about the ongoing partnership between Caerphilly RFC and and introduced the company’s very own Channel Marketing manager, Kevin Buchler to elaborate on the future of the affiliation and future of the networking events.

The idea for the events is simple:

  • To help attract businesses and professionals who share a similar target market
  • To grow their businesses through engagement with other businesses, securing relationships, networking and joint promotion of their products and services
  • To create a personal approach to networking and obtaining new business
  • To instigate and promote good return on investment (ROI) whilst assisting local sports clubs and the wider community
  • To boost business in Wales

The event finished with some formal business networking around the table with a complimentary buffet laid out for attendees.

Collage image of delegates at a networking event in South Wales
Mike Armstrong UK Sales & Marketing Agency MA was also in attendance, being featured 2nd from the left in the above picture, together with Anna McNally and Hermoine Carter-Jones Difference Corporation.
Paul Smolinski from Introbiz also featured in the centre of the picture above, in the top left corner.

Interested in attending one of these worthwhile events?

Register to attend the next Caerphilly Business Networking Event online now and feel free to invite one or many of your business associates, suppliers, customers or partners.

The next Caerphilly Business Networking Event will be held at Caerphilly Rugby Club (CF83 3JA) on Tuesday 17th of January, 2017.