How to become a courier

become a courier

If you are fed up of being a slave to the keyboard and driving is your passion then read this guide to find out all you need to know about becoming a Courier.

With the opportunity of being your own boss and dictating your own hours to fit around your home life more and more people are choosing to opt out of the rat race and take to the open road as a Courier.

Write a Business Plan

When becoming a self employed courier it is a good idea to write a business plan outlining how much your costs are how much your anticipated overheads will be to ascertain how much profit you will need to earn on a weekly/monthly basis in order to make a profit.

Advertise your Services

Marketing of your services is essential to generate business and revenue so ensure your business gets off to a flying start. Utilise all of your contacts, starting with friends and family former colleagues businesses you use regularly and any other avenues you can think of. That could have the potential to generate customer leads. Invest in a stock of eye catching business cards to pass to whoever you do business with and whoever you get the chance to network with.

Do you go it alone

Another way to get into the courier business would be to become an owner driver for one of the big players in the Courier industry this is a good option if you want to test the water in the world of Couriers as you are in effect self employed but tied to one company such as DHL, Fedex and UPS. As you carry out your daily work routine you can advertise your services to each business you enter to grow your own business portfolio.

These companies operate an owner driver scheme where you “own” a route and at the same time can source additional business. As an owner driver you will receive payment for collection and delivery of parcels, but at the same time share the risk between you and the company you work for until you find your feet.

Purchase the correct Insurance

You would firstly need to have your own van, Van Insurance and Courier insurance to cover the risk factors that pose self employed couriers A Courier Insurance policy would include Public Liability, Goods in Transit and Carrying Goods for Hire & Reward.

As a courier your job would involve handling valuable packages on a daily basis, and could be left seriously exposed should these be lost or damaged whilst these items are in transit. Courier Insurance would cover you in these instances. offer parcel and package cover of up to £105k, so even the most significant damage is protected against. A Courier Insurance policy could also include other key courier insurance types such as secrecy insurance and equipment insurance to ensure every aspect of your courier business is sufficiently covered.

If you intend to work as a courier on a self employed basis a useful way to gain business is to become a member of a specialist courier sites where delivery jobs are advertised all over the country . Ensure to remember that these sites will require you to have the correct insurance before accepting you on their sites.

There are potential earnings of up to £300 per day but will only get out of it what you put in so to work as a courier you have to have that drive and passion to make the work come to you.
We hope that you now have enough information to decide if the courier business is for you and good luck if you have made the decision to pursue a career as a courier.

Van and Vehicle Insurance

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