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Protecting Business Public Events

Protecting your Business at Public Events

by constructaquote - 1 August 2016


As your business grows you may want to take it on the road and even in the early days investing in a day at a tradeshow or conference can really boost interest in your business.

When you are taking your business out on the road you may think you are protected by your regular insurance but this isn’t always the case so it is worth checking in advance, before arriving at the event venue. Arriving at the event venue and an accident then occurring, either to someone working for you or a member of the public, can be hugely problematic. If a claim is brought against you because your business activities have caused accident or injury to a third party or their property and you find out you aren’t insured at that location, you will need to find both the compensation money and the funds to defend yourself and your legal fees.

Public Liability Insurance and your Event

Your event could be a stand at a conference, a stall at a festival or anywhere you may take your business on road. Attending events can be key to growing interest in your business and if you become known in your field you may even be invited to present and talk at events. Whatever the reason for taking your business on the road, your public liability insurance should be going with you. Your policy may already have cover for events built into it but it is something you need to check carefully before taking to the road.

In the event that you are planning your own event such as a fundraiser or family event off-site from your business premises then you need to be meticulous. Whilst you are not obliged to be insured, it’s a very sensible decision to make and you can have peace of mind should the worst happen. You may also find that the land owner or local authority where you are holding your event expect you to be insured anyway so it’s always worth extending that public liability cover, or discussing one-off events cover with your insurer.

Employers’ Liability Insurance and your Event

If you are taking your employers with you to the event, then they will be covered as per your regular compulsory employers’ liability insurance. If you don’t usually employ anybody but choose to take on either volunteers or temporary employees for your public event, then you will need to put the right insurance cover in place, if only on a short-term basis. This is a legal requirement, even if you are only employing these people for a single day and the risks of not having the right insurance are as high as a £2,500 penalty per day for when you should have been insured.

As you branch out with your business and get more involved with showcasing your products or services there is a need to keep a check on your cover. Ensure you are still protected in the same way as you were when working from your business HQ.