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Recruit online win

Recruit online to win

by constructaquote - 28 July 2016


Clever employers, from accountants to hairdressers, have been using the web as a useful recruiting tool in searching for talent. But if you don’t know your way around recruiting can potentially be confusing and even costly. These few tips can help you get the best out of outsourcing and recruitment.

1) Post jobs on your company or organisation’s website.

Your company’s website is a significant online recruiting tool. Jobs featured on your website will also feature on online job search sites such as Indeed.com. This search engine drives potential employees directly to jobs advertised on company’s websites. Linkup.com also offers applicants an opportunity to apply for your newest, often unadvertised jobs, directly through your company website. If you have a job advertisement placed prominently on your homepage it will attract candidates who are not only interested in your job but are interested in your business as well.

2) Decide whether wide ranging commercial or niche job sites suit you.

Commercial jobsites such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com have a massive reach and will bring you large quantities of applicants. Of course you will occasionally find an outstanding potential employee but if your requirements are quite specific then specialised sites can often be more useful. If the qualifications required from the employees you seek are specialised then niche sites may be a better option for you. For example, Justconstruction.net is a useful site for those looking to employ within the construction industry. While hairandbeautyjobs.com is a jobsite dedicated to recruiting those in the hairdressing and beauty salon industry. This is a useful way to reach out to employees with a specific skills set. For an overview of specialised British jobsites and recruitment pages visit www.ukrecruiter.co.uk.

3) Get your job advertisement right.

When recruiting the right applicant, you want to make sure candidates find your job but also want to apply for it when they see it. For the best candidates you have to sell the job, sell the salary and benefits, sell the prospects, and sell your company. Whatjobsite.com, a search engine for employers say, ‘The one thing recruiters get wrong the most often is the ad copy.Some recruiters simply don’t put in the effort to write good job ads.’ Get professional copy writing help and post words that attract the best candidates and make them want to compete hard to win the chance to work with you.

4) Consider social networking sites.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and professional networks like Linkedin offer employers another way of reaching potential employees. Many employers have a huge reach to potential applicants through their Facebook and Twitter page. The people who view your social networking site already have an interest in your company and it would be silly not to use this tool. LinkedIn also offers a range of recruitment tools and it gives you a direct insight into potential employees skills and experience. If you’re not using social media, you should be! See our guides to getting to grips with web 2.0, twitter, blogs and more, to get the most out of the web.