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Today celebrate twenty four years trading

Today we celebrate twenty-four years of trading

by constructaquote - 22 June 2016


Today we celebrate a huge 24 years of trading.  We have continued to strengthen our title as leaders within the market through organic growth and unparalleled business determination. In almost a quarter of a century we have built strong connections with our customers through our innovation and fortitude.

We are once again evolving to ensure our relevance and importance to our customers. As part of our latest business strategy to ensure greater growth and opportunity; we will be uniting all that is Moorhouse (direct) and branding it constructaquote.com.

This amalgamation will provide a uniformed and consistent voice between us and you by reinforcing constructaquote.com as a reputable brand that has one voice.

We are optimising our opportunity to expand within an extremely competitive market through one consistent brand that will continue to grow and evolve so that we can continue to be the very best for our prospective and existing customers

We are still the same company that has been dedicated to you and your business and will continue to refine and improve our business relationships.

Ultimately we want to celebrate our journey by remembering our past, but more importantly look to the future and beyond.