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Top 10 biscuits office loves

Top 10 biscuits your office will love

by RJ Davies - 19 November 2018


Every office comes up with their different debates, some more serious than others. Nothing is more serious in an office in Britain than what biscuit is the best. So, we put a poll out to our entire staff to get to the bottom of this.

10: Rich Tea

To start off the list, we have the humble Rich Tea. Often picked as the Digestive alternative, these Yorkshire invented biscuits are one of the best selling biscuits in the U.K with popularity also reaching Malta and Cyprus. This classic tea and coffee dunker is a great choice for the office and keeps you running through your elevenses and your 3 PM slump.

9: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Potentially, one of the most referenced biscuits in pop culture, the chocolate chip cookie is a sweet tooth’s delight. Made into a mass-produced biscuit by Nestle in 1938, they placed chopped bits from a Nestle chocolate bar into the mix.

8: Oreo

Oreos, they’re a worldwide phenomenon. The thin chocolate biscuit with cream in the middle, they’re the biscuit version of Haribo’s because Kids and Adults love them so, the happy world of Oreo. They’re nice to put with your post-lunch coffee.

7: Golden Crunch Cream

Crunchy golden biscuits filled with yummy vanilla cream. The original versions by Fox’s were made back in 1853. This family favourite often feels like it shouldn’t be dunkable due to its thickness and the cream inside but with a little bit of coffee, it’s just right!

6: Digestive

The classic. It’s a white shirt and black trousers combo. It’s vanilla ice cream. It’s just putting salt on your chips. A digestive is reliable and always there. A great tea and coffee dunker, it spawned different varieties such as Chocolate and Caramel Digestive. It’s in every variety pack, it’s at every picnic and office meeting. It’s the great unifier. Thank you digestives.

5: Jammie Dodger

The childlike wonder of a Jammie Dodger knows no bounds, this jam-filled biscuit is great in packed lunches, always feels like a nice surprise when you get offered one and a delicious treat. Made from Shortbread with a Jam filling it is one of the most popular biscuits in the UK.

4: Jaffa Cakes

The controversy! The office debate! The anger that takes you away from your work to discuss the court cases, the biscuit aisles, the science behind them, do you dunk them or not? (This debate gets quite heated in our office.) No matter your feeling on the Biscuit V Cake debate, they’re delicious and are a staple on a typical British debate.

3: Custard Creams

The feeling of a custard cream is “comfort”. It’s there for you on your best days and your worst days. Its Victorian-esc style with its ferns growing next to the logo will always be a recognisable sign by any biscuit lover. It was also ranked the 8th most popular biscuit to dunk in tea!

2: Bourbons

The chocolate sandwich biscuit nearly reigns high at the top but just knocked ever so slightly down. This chocolate Prince is the favourite of so many chocolate lovers. It’s great with coffee, a wonderful snack to have, and its written the same way as the American type of Whiskey. There’s nothing like this Dark chocolate flavoured biscuit filled with chocolate buttercream. Yum!

1: Hobnobs

Apparently, everyone loves a Hobnob. Made from rolled oats and jumbo oats, this recipe merges the taste and texture of a flapjack and makes it a biscuit. From homemade recipes to the instore variants, the Hobnob packet runs out faster than a Digestive pack. The two biscuits aren’t enemies, but they share some common ground.



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