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Top 10 pranks construction site

Top 10 pranks on a construction site

by constructaquote - 15 August 2019


Working on a construction site can be challenging; trying to stay safe, arguing over who makes the next brew and combating the tough UK weather conditions. The days often seem long and tedious.

Practical jokes or pranks help the days go faster and lighten the mood. So for your enjoyment we’ve put together the top 10 pranks found on a construction site.

1. Jump start chain saw

This requires someone who is slightly new to power tools. It takes a straight face and someone who is convincing, to pull off this prank. Usually it works best if you find a younger crew member and tell him or her to run the chain saw blade along a stretch of concrete, to jump start the saw. You can view this somewhat hilarious video of this prank can be viewed here: (Just mind the language!)

2. Kicking Pipes Prank

These builders take on a prank where they line up a bunch of left over pipes to kick, but one of them doesn’t realise that the one left over is also buried into the concrete

3. Fixing a coin on the ground

This one is great if a crew is working in an area with high foot traffic. Using an epoxy, fix a coin on the ground and watch, as passers-by try to pick it up. Anger, frustration, embarrassment – it can be funny watching their reactions as they continue try to pick up the coin, which of course won’t budge. For more laughs, this can be done with a paper note. Some people will pass up coins, but most won’t pass up a fiver.

4. Send the new guy to the trade suppliers

Sending a new worker to get stuff from the suppliers is common; newer workers usually get the worst jobs. However, sending the new worker to get items that don’t exist, like blue steam or sky hooks can be incredibly funny. The person going to get the supplies will ask the shop sales person for these items, which will inevitably cause the person to laugh (or groan). Eventually, the new worker will figure out there is no such product.

This works particularly well if you give them a list for the following:  skirting board ladders, spirit level bubbles or tartan paint. (Old ones are the best right?)

5. Putting a rock in the porta loo vent

This prank is best done while the porta loo is in use. Blocking the vent with a rock will make it nearly unbearable to be inside. The person inside will wonder why the odours just got so much more pungent inside. This will likely result in the person trying to finish and get out of the unit as quickly as possible. A less experienced crew member may not understand what happened or why the odours suddenly became stronger. More fool them!

6. Lacing work boots upside down

This prank is good for work crew members who may live together or may be temporarily housed together. It’s especially fun after a night of drinking. Lace the person’s work boots from the top down, so the ends come out near the toes. It’s funny to watch a person who is hung over, trying to figure out how to tie the boots. This works better when it’s dark, but can work in daylight if the person doesn’t handle mornings well.

7. Seismic test

This is a great prank to play on a younger crew member. Create a circle with paint dots. Tell the younger worker you want help with a seismic test. The younger crew member will use a mallet to hit each of the painted dots, working clockwise or counter clockwise. It helps to have a voltmeter, which will then be attached to the concrete somehow, by the person playing the prank. The meter will be used for the seismic reading. After the crew member hammers the dots in a complete circle, he or she is told to hit them harder or faster. Everyone else will have a laugh, watching the person wear him/herself out.

8. Nailing a toolbox to concrete

Removing a crew member’s tools from the box, nailing the bottom of the box to concrete, and putting the tools back in will make the box look normal. But when the crew member tries to pick it up, the look of confusion will be priceless.

9. Getting a steam sample

This prank works on newbies in the plumbing and heating business. Tell the new crew member to get a steam sample and hand the person a bucket. This also works well by asking an electricians apprentice to catch sparks in a bucket.

10. Plaster bag strength test

Challenge a new crew member to the plaster bag strength test. When he lifts the bag of dry plaster over his head, someone walks by with a knife and cuts the underside of the bag, letting the dry plaster spill out onto the individual.

* Please bear in mind we do not condone pranks on a construction site. Whilst considered funny they can cause injury, permanent illness all the while invalidating your insurance. We repeat, do not try these on site.