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Top 5 catering blogs 2

Top 5 catering blogs we like

by Lauren Evans - 13 September 2018


Here are 5 useful blogs we recommend caterers to read. Offering great tips and advice about the latest food and hospitality trends.

Sweet Basil

Sweet basil is a high-end catering business which specialises in creating menus that are customised to customer’s needs. They work with corporate clients and PR companies to create menus highlighting their services. Their blog is full of wonderful ideas and recipes, from styling the perfect dessert to the latest food trends. This is the go-to blog if you enjoy hosting parties or other events.

Take a look at Sweet Basil Catering here: http://www.sweetbasilcatering.com/blog/

Cuisine on Cue

Cuisine on Cue offers a range of services from formal parties to causal events. They can also organise extra such as equipment, staff and entertainment. A lot of their blog covers events that they themselves have catered for, but they also talk about the latest food trends and provide their own help to guides. If you’re looking for your own catering services then this is the blog to read.

Check our Cuisine on Cue: https://cuisineoncue.com/blog/

Cavier & Chips

Updated on a weekly basis, Cavier & Chips is another catering service which creates customised menus for their clients. They cover all events from weddings to corporate events. Although many of the blogs talk about events that they covered, they do offer many how-to guides as well as top 10 choices. This is the perfect blog for those who wish to improve their cooking skills or are just curious about the latest food creations.

Have a look at Cavier & Chips here: https://www.caviarandchips.co.uk/catering-blog


This is a great read for those interested in the news about the hospitality industry. They cover topics which appeal to hotels, pubs and restaurants. CLH strives to attract readers by connecting their businesses together through social media, branding and advertising. Their blogs are continually updated with the latest industry news, developments and product information, making it the best destination for anyone working in the hospitality sector.

Visit CLH here: http://catererlicensee.com/

Caiger & Co. Catering

Caiger & Co. Catering is another business which offers a personalised catering service.  Their blog contains an array of useful information, from recipes you can do at home to the latest food creations. Even if you’re not the most skill full of cooks, there are plenty of ideas and tips to have a look, especially if you’re interested in hosting events or parties.

You can check out Caiger & Co. Catering here: http://caigerandcocatering.co.uk/blog/

If you are interested in catering or are thinking of setting up a catering business then visit our catering insurance page, to find out what cover we could offer your business.


The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of any other agency, organisation, employer or company.