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4 Ways Known Credible Tradesman

4 Ways To Be Known As A Credible Tradesman

by constructaquote - 16 August 2017


Being a tradesman can come with its challenges, especially if you’re self employed. One month you can find yourself rushed off your feet and the next you may be struggling to find business. And not to mention the rogue traders that give the industry a bad name! That’s why it’s important to build up a great reputation in your local area so that business comes to you frequently.

Here’s 4 things to consider if you want to appeal to more potential customers…

1. How qualified are you?

As a Tradesman, you will be able to take on more business if you have all the correct qualifications to perform the service. Updating your skills to stay current with industry changes will mean you don’t have to turn down jobs.

If you have a vast wealth of knowledge from years of experience in your industry, customers will feel more comfortable trusting you as their Tradesmen, especially if something were go to wrong.

2. Are you accredited and CRB/DBS checked?

Many people, especially the vulnerable, disabled and elderly are very hesitant when it comes to letting strangers into their home. If you’re a Tradesmen that can openly prove you have undergone all of the vital security checks and also prove you have been vetted by an accreditation firm like SafeTrades4You, customers will be more relaxed and happy to give you their business.

Having the right insurance for your business, such as professional indemnity and / or public liability will reassure customers that their property and personal safety is covered should an accident occur. This also shows you are a responsible Tradesman.

3. Are you a recommended Tradesman?

Recommendations and referrals are the most valuable form of advertising for any Tradesman. Whether it’s word of mouth or being featured on websites and forums that acknowledge your quality of work, recommendations are without a doubt the best way to get more business. That’s why every job, no matter how big or small, should be treated as equally important as the last one and the next one. Making sure every customer is left happy with the results you provide will encourage them to refer you to someone else.

4. Are you upfront and reasonable with your pricing?

Naturally, you’re in business to make money, but are you giving your customers the best value for money whilst providing good quality results? Ripping customers off will only get you so far before you earn a bad reputation as an overpriced Tradesman. Try to be as upfront with customers as possible so that if issues arise with additional costs, they are not left upset and out of pocket.

Whilst having all of the above traits is great, it’s important for customers to be able to find you and know you’re a reputable Tradesman.

You can register to be listed on sites like Rated People as well as having a website that features all of this information for customers to see. This will help people find you when searching online. However, the best thing you can do as a Tradesman is maintain a quality reputation and build up strong recommendations previous customers.

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