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Van insurance cover made easy

What does van insurance cover? | made easy

by constructaquote - 16 February 2018


If you have a van, it needs to be insured. It’s the law, but what can van insurance cover?

Let’s start with Third Party, with this insurance you are able to meet a claim from a third party who might be injured or have their property
damaged as the result of your van.

Remember this type of insurance doesn’t cover your property, only the third parties. For that you can look at Third Party: Fire and Theft insurance, which –
just as the term suggests – also provides protection against the risk of the vehicle being damaged or destroyed by fire or even being stolen.

There is also comprehensive insurance. In addition to third party fire and theft, this extends your cover to include damage to your vehicle and helps to ensure repairs
or replacement are readily available following any accident.

The legal expense policy offered with this type of insurance can make sure you have legal support if you,
the driver or a passenger are injured in an accident and that a like-for-like replacement vehicle is available during repair and settlement of your claim.

Now you know the different kinds of van insurance, you can get yourself a quick and easy quote for your business, on our website.
because at constructaquote.com, honesty is our best policy.