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5 useful apps for construction workers

by constructaquote - 26 March 2019


From project design and cost calculations to health and safety for workers, check out our list of 5 of the most useful apps on the market for construction industry executives.

  • Red Cross First Aid –construction sites can be some of the most dangerous places to work and aside from being a legal requirement health and safety is obviously of vital importance for the teams of people working on site. Knowing how to deal with injuries quickly and effectively is crucial and could help save a life. With step-by-step instructions, quizzes, and videos, this app can assist anyone in an emergency and give them the confidence to take action fast.
  • e-Builder –perfect for project management, e-builder makes managing multiple projects simple and it also promises to cut project costs by 4% by letting you work faster and smarter.
  • Construction Master Pro – this clever little app can help answer almost any construction-math equation. Meeting a client and need access to a calculator for a project solution? This app will help you get the answer in just seconds leaving you to focus on the overall job at hand.
  • Rhumbix – Struggling to keep up with which staff have worked what hours? The Rhumbix app will help your foreman keep track of what hours are being worked, what products are making or losing money – helping to improve labour productivity.
  • DroneDeploy –this handy app can help survey your site by using 3-D models for surveying and mapping. It’s quick and easy to collect the aerial data so you can get planning. It also provides a view of your project as it progresses.

Most of the action in the construction industry takes place in the field. So it’s only natural that contractors are eager to find mobile apps for smartphones and tablets that can help them work better. 

When shopping for mobile solutions, think carefully about which aspects of your jobs could benefit from the technology trends of today’s apps before emptying your wallet.