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5 lies van insurance

5 lies that cost drivers their van insurance

by constructaquote - 12 September 2019


Most people tell the truth when it comes to disclosing information while trying to purchase van insurance but as with most things in life there’s always an exception to the rule and some folks seem to prefer to keep some skeletons firmly in the closet in a bid to obtain cheaper insurance.

The problem with telling a few porkies, however, is that customers potentially do the opposite of what they intended and end up increasing their premiums by avoiding the truth.

Check out our list of 5 fibs told by potential customers on a mission to get cheap van insurance.

“I’m a full-time courier but only do 5,000 miles a year within a radius of 200 miles”

(A full-time courier that conducts just 25 trips a year? This customer set alarm bells ringing when talking to van insurance staff as couriers usually make a lot more deliveries over the course of a year.)

“I’m a builder but I don’t use my van for work purposes”

(Many van drivers use their vehicles to drive to their place of work and then proceed to use their company vans for work. This particular customer, however, was informed that if he was using his van for work purposes and not declaring it he could end up in a whole lot of trouble with both the police and the insurer as work tools and equipment shouldn’t be left in an uninsured work van.)

“My van is parked in Scotland but I live in Cardiff”

(Google Maps is a fantastic little tool that allows brokerages to type in postcodes so they can see if the vehicle is in fact parked outside a property. The postcode this particular gentleman supplied appeared to be a field just outside of Aberdeen leading staff to check the home address in Cardiff which did in fact have a van parked outside of it.)

“My van is in a garage”

(Believe it or not insurers are fully aware that vans do not fit into UK garages. Plus, van owners that park on the road usually have cheaper premiums so being economical with the truthful would have increased this customer’s van insurance premiums.)

“The policy is for me”

(The policy was in fact for the father’s son who thought he would attempt to get a lower premium for his son who was a new driver)

Unfortunately, many people have accidents or some kind of incident while driving sooner or later. It appears, however, that while some customers are determined to go ahead and make a claim, some customers don’t feel the need to inform the insurer of the details of the accident. Here are just some excuses from customers when it comes to non-disclosure claims.

“I didn’t disclose my car being stolen because I didn’t ask for it to be stolen.”

“My wife was driving and she reversed into my van. It wasn’t my fault but it’s ok as we kissed and made up.”

“A sheep jumped out of the hedge and damaged my car. It wasn’t my fault it was the sheep.”

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