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Can a professional email address get you more work?

by constructaquote - 7 May 2018


If you own your own business, one decision you’ll need to make at some stage is whether to create and use a professional email address. So rather than using an address with ‘gmail’ or ‘yahoo’ in, you’ll make an email address with your business name (or something similar) as the domain name. 

Many people advocate doing it, but can it really help you get more work?

It’s hard to say for certain, as all businesses are different. But here are 3 ways that a professional email address can have a positive effect on your business.

1. Increases trust

One of the top advantages of a professional email address is that it can help you convince potential customers that you’re legitimate. A professional working illegally isn’t likely to have put money and time into making a business email address, and most consumers are aware of this.

The fact that you’ve created a professional email address also indicates to your customers that you take the time to do things correctly. It can also suggest that you have a stable business that offers a reliable product or service.

2. It’s a brilliant marketing tool

Another benefit of setting up a professional email address is that it can be a really effective marketing tool. If your email address has your business or website domain name in it, it can help to direct people to your website. It also puts your business name out there – if people see it again and again in your email address then it’s more likely that they’ll remember it.

Also, if someone misplaces your email address but remembers your business name, they can use it to search and find it in their address book.

3. Aids organisation

A professional email address can also help you become and stay organised. Using one instead of your personal email address can help you keep your business and personal emails separate. It also gives you the option to set up several email addresses linked to yours for other staff members or departments as your business grows.

So creating a professional email address for your business can help you with getting new customers, putting your business name out there and keeping you organised. And if you’d like even more help growing your business and increasing your reputation, take a look at Quotatis. They’re offering 25% off premium plans for constructaquote.com members.