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5 useful blogs all landlords must read

5 useful blogs all landlords should read

by constructaquote - 26 July 2018


Are you a Landlord that wants to keep up to date with the latest updates and trends in the property market?  Here are 5 blogs we recommend you read.


Featuring a range of letting news, tips and advice, Lettingaproperty.com is great for landlords looking to rent out property. From construction gas security regulations to rental valuation job, this blog covers it all. Both landlords and tenants are likely to read the content here, giving both sides an up-to-date perspective on the industry.

Take a look at the lettingaproperty.com: https://www.lettingaproperty.com/landlord/blog/

The Landlord Law Blog

The purpose of this blog is to provide information, comment and discussion. The blogs covers many topics relating to landlord or tenancy issues. This blog, in particular, focuses on the legal aspects of renting out properties and is run by a lawyer who specialises in residential landlord and tenant law.

Visit The Landlord Law blog: https://www.landlordlawblog.co.uk/


Openrent is a letting agency that focuses on cutting the costs for landlords and tenants. Openrent writes in a depth, yet easy-to-understand way. Their blogs feature a number of interesting articles on rent guarantee, customer stories and eviction information.

You can check out Openrent here: https://blog.openrent.co.uk/

RLA (Residential Landlords Association)

Another go-to blog is RLA which is a great site for frequent news updates, as well as home to a range of blog posts covering various topics. Blogs are updated roughly once a month and usually discuss a relevant event that has occurred during that time. You can also subscribe to their magazine Residential Property Investor which is the UK’s leading landlord magazine.

Take a look at the RLA website to find out all the latest blogs, news and events. https://news.rla.org.uk/

Let Britain

This blog is useful for both landlords and tenants; it covers topics ranging from government spending to online agencies. Let Britain writes in a conversational tone whilst still providing the vital facts and information. Recently, the blog has featured a number of interesting posts on the housing market and the rising costs of housing.

You can visit the Let Britain website here https://letbritain.co.uk/blog/

While all these blogs are useful to both landlords and tenants, why not check out our range of blogs as well. We have a range of different posts covering many areas of letting and living in a rented a property. Take a look at our blog here.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of any other agency, organisation, employer or company.