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Digital Marketing Strategies To Try

Digital Marketing Strategies You Probably Haven’t Tried

by constructaquote - 25 April 2017


If your digital marketing strategy is in need of a boost, our top 5 strategies you probably haven’t tried could get your business back on track. A fresh marketing approach could be just what your company needs to encourage new clients to employ your services. Whether you’re a tradesman or a consultant, there’s a strategy in our list you can implement to generate real results…

  1. Ask your clients

The most important aspect of your business and the focus of your digital marketing campaigns should always be to gain and maintain client relationships. Therefore, it’s essential you keep up to date with your customers’ comments and feedback regarding your products and services. Ask your clients for their opinions on new services you are considering implementing or ask for their thoughts on your current business offerings. Ensure you keep your clients happy and their recommendations positive by always replying to their questions and comments on social media. Deal with complaints in a professional and decisive manner and thank your clients for providing positive feedback. This additionally shows your wider social audience you care about your customers and are focused on providing the best services for your clients. You could even outsource your market research to an expert agency in order to learn more about and determine the opinions of your specific target demographic. This can then lead to more successful ads and cost effective marketing for your business.

  1. Use influencer marketing

Bloggers and social media influencers in your industry have a unique ability to offer a more authentic approach to marketing your small business. Influencer marketing is additionally a more natural and modern alternative to traditional methods of advertising. Many bloggers have built their own loyal social media following and may collaborate with your business to promote a service or product they enjoy to their audience. Whether you’re partnering with a blogger on a paid promotion or alternatively, offering your services in return for an honest review, you can harness the benefits of working with influencers. To start implementing this digital marketing strategy, search for bloggers who are a respected authority in your industry. You could also try working with local bloggers with an engaged social following, who are in your desired demographic for utilising your services. Think outside the box and try working with local family bloggers for home based services or specific niche bloggers for a more targeted marketing approach. Influencer marketing costs can depend on several factors, including the social following, website authority and personal pricing structure of the blogger you’re working with. This is an original and potentially powerful marketing strategy to try out to boost your business!

  1. Try moment marketing

Moment marketing refers to capitalising on current news and events or viral trends to promote your business and its services. Most businesses use moment marketing throughout the year, to relate their products and services to key worldwide events and celebrations, such as Christmas and Easter. In addition to using the momentum of fixed seasonal events, capitalising on viral or trending ‘moments’ can also successfully promote your company. It can be difficult to effectively prepare your digital marketing strategy for future trending events. However, simply connecting your existing services in some manner to a trending moment or using related viral hashtags in your marketing can be really effective. For example, a viral weather story about the increase in strong winds could give you the ideal opportunity to advertise your roofing services and promote your business. 

  1. Conduct webinars

Use the power of digital marketing to generate client leads by hosting online seminars or ‘webinars’ to showcase your company’s expertise to your social media audience. Webinars are live interactive seminars which give the audience the opportunity to gain useful information from an expert in a specific area of business they’re interested in. As they’re usually video based, they can also offer a personal communication between clients and the webinar host. Live webinars therefore allow clients to ask questions and the webinar host to respond in real time to add interactivity to the business relationship. Advertise and conduct free webinars to encourage potential clients to connect with your services and consequently become paying customers. Make sure your webinar adds value for your audience by basing the subject around a relevant subject or skill they would be keen to develop and keeping the content original and informative. The best and most effective webinars are those which build on the content taught in the webinar to sell a related service sold by the company. For example, a web development company could conduct a video webinar about building a digital and social media presence. In this webinar, they could discuss the benefits of hiring a web developer to build a website and then link to their company’s web development services. Hire an expert in your webinar’s subject to conduct a video webinar on your company’s behalf or if you’re confident, you can choose to conduct the webinar yourself as the business owner.

  1. Build an app 

Whilst you may be concerned building an app for your small business will be an extremely high outgoing cost, it can be less expensive than you think. Consider an app an investment in the future of your business in an increasingly digital world. A specific app for your business can allow you to stay in touch with your customer base by offering them the opportunity to share feedback within the app. You can also offer incentives to convert app users into customers by providing exclusive discount codes and offers through the app. It’s the ideal way to keep your clients up to date with your new products and services. It also encourages your customers to always keep your services in mind. Make sure you shop around for an app builder that’s both professional and within your budget and ask to see examples of previous apps before you commit. 

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