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5 Ways Use LinkedIn Boost Small Business

5 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Boost Your Small Business

by constructaquote - 24 April 2017


As a small business owner, it’s important you use all the tools at your disposal to promote and grow your company. LinkedIn is an invaluable and free service you can utilise to really benefit your business. Here’s our top tips and tricks get the most out of the network and use LinkedIn to successfully boost your small business…

  1. Build your business network

LinkedIn is first and foremost a careers social network, so it’s the ideal way to form relationships with other business owners. There’s more than 400 million people signed up, so you shouldn’t pass on the opportunity to make some valuable connections in your industry. You can also join LinkedIn groups specific to your business area to introduce yourself to people outside your circle of connections. Keeping your profile updated will ensure your network knows the services your company provides and could help to generate sales. Your connections could even introduce or recommend you to someone requiring your skills, gaining you a new client as a result. Make sure to nurture these valuable business relationships by also recommending your connections if you encounter someone requiring their services.

  1. Ask for recommendations from your clients

Recommendations are a powerful tool on LinkedIn. Ask your happy clients to write you a recommendation which will be visible on your LinkedIn profile. If potential customers are viewing your profile, a recommendation from a previous user of your services is very encouraging. Your LinkedIn profile could consequently generate you some valuable income and business leads. A positive LinkedIn recommendation could even be the difference between a client choosing to hire you or a competitor!

  1. Share your latest services and company blog posts

Ensure you keep your LinkedIn profile updated with your company’s latest products or services to really make the most of the network. Those searching LinkedIn are more likely to approach you if it’s clear your business provides the services they’re seeking. Maintaining awareness in your LinkedIn network of your business also encourages your connections to recommend you to potential clients. In an ever-competitive business world, it’s increasingly important to show your contacts you’re on top of all the latest industry news. You can achieve this by regularly sharing relevant news articles and your own blog posts on your LinkedIn profile. This will encourage confidence in your services by signalling to your network you’re a recognised expert in your specific area of business. This could additionally lead to future work by sharing with your connections how your services can boost their business.

  1. Recruit new talent

LinkedIn is one of the best methods for sourcing new talent if you’re looking to fill a position. People seeking work will be actively looking for new vacancies. They may also be searching industry specific words for these positions. Therefore, posting a job on LinkedIn, either through the specific ‘jobs’ section or a request on your personal profile, can help to attract the right candidates. You can often vet potential candidates by viewing their LinkedIn profile before deciding to interview them too. Staying connected with former colleagues or employees who you worked successfully with can additionally aid in your search for the best candidate. You could fill a new position with a former freelancer or colleague, or even a previous impressive employee looking to re-join your company. Connections in your industry are particularly well placed to respond with suggestions of potential employees with the relevant skill set you require. By establishing a network of professionals you respect and trust, asking for personal recommendations for prospective future hires can be the ideal way to recruit. Forming relationships with recruiters can be a further positive step, by allowing them to respond to your job postings with potentially suitable candidates.

  1. Keep up to date with your competition and gain inspiration from business influencers

It’s highly likely your competitors are also utilising the benefits of LinkedIn. You can maintain your awareness of competitors in your industry by regularly checking the network. This can in turn improve your small business by providing you with inspiration for future services and ensuring you’re effectively marketing your business. Some of the world’s biggest business brains use LinkedIn to share their best career tips with millions of users. If you’re feeling uninspired, browsing their articles can give you the boost you need to progress.

Using LinkedIn effectively to promote your small business is just one of the ways you can generate impressive results for your company. Paying attention to practicing the best daily business habits can also ensure you stay motivated and your business reaches its full potential.