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4 ways make van cheaper insure

Top 4 ways you could make your van cheaper to insure

by constructaquote - 20 June 2016


For the millions of van drivers across Britain, van insurance is one of those costs that, is a pain to renew – especially when it seems to get more and more pricey with every renewal.

However, did you know that there are steps that you could take to potentially help reduce your premium?

Aside from using a specialist van insurance broker to help find you competitive prices, you can adapt, enhance and care for your vehicle in a number of ways in order to possibly help lower your insurance quotation.

Check out the tips below: 

  1. Make it extra safe

Van insurers love nothing more than a secure, safe vehicle, which is (quite predictably) less likely to be stolen or damaged in an accident.

From alarms and locks to safes and trackers, there are a number of ways to make your van safer.

2. Drive it safely

It may sound simple, and you might be the self-proclaimed king of the road, but one of the biggest ways to ensure you enjoy cheaper premiums is to drive carefully.

By maintaining a safe speed and treating your van well on the road, you’re far more likely to avoid accidents – whilst building up a no claims record that could potentially save you money.

3. Personalise your van

These days, insurance companies consider a mind-boggling number of factors when preparing a van insurance quote and the way that your van looks is just one of those. Because a personalised vehicle is more noticeable and easier to track down, they may consider it less likely to get stolen and may deem it less of a risk.

Aside from the obvious marketing opportunities, personalised vans could potentially save you money on your premium. Remember though, there’s a difference between personalisation and modification – add any unusual bells and whistles and you could face a significant insurance hike. Read more about Van modification here.

4. Drive it, but only when you need to

When building your quote, an insurer will look at how many miles you drive in the vehicle each year, and rise its premium to suit extra mileage. By driving your van when you absolutely need to and reducing your mileage you could pay less on your premium next year, not to mention your fuel.

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