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How many hours day on the road

Do you spend your working day on the road?

by constructaquote - 1 June 2016


At-work crashes are estimated to cost UK employers a hefty £2.7 billion each year, but a series of events targeted at small to medium businesses could help you crack down on a potentially large road accident bill.

Brake, the road safety charity launched a series of free webinars, seminars and resources that will raise awareness of the main risks associated with driving for work. It will also highlight how businesses can manage such accidents whilst on a tight budget.

Businesses with employees on the road

Senior professional engagement officer at Brake, Ellie Pearson said: “Driving is the most dangerous thing many people do at work. So it’s vital for businesses of any size, with staff who drive for work, to manage this risk.”

Essentially, it may appear that the charity is suggesting that in order to bring down the cost of work-related road accidents, businesses need to be aware of the ramifications of said accidents and what they can do to prevent the happening in future.

Pearson continued“We know SMEs face particular challenges in addressing this issue, which is why these events will feature experienced business managers and experts giving practical, simple, tried-and-tested steps SMEs can take.”

Preventing crashes, bumps and scrapes could potentially lower insurance premiums, increase staff morale and reduce lost time. These components could be the difference between a successful business and business failure.

The events will target low-cost methods that SMEs can make in order to protect their employees, the community and save them money.

The events are being delivered through Brake Professional with the support of the Department of Transport in order to encourage best practices among employers running all types of fleet.

The events:

Any businesses that currently rely on on-the-road employees are being encouraged to book their place on one of the free events:

9th December 2014: Helping SMEs effectively recruit, train, and monitor drivers – free one-hour webinar on how companies can implement policies and processes at a low cost.

29th January 2015: Helping SMEs to buy, lease, and maintain safe vehicles – free one-hour webinar on ensuring the safety of your vehicles.

12th February 2015: Helping SMEs plan and manage safe journeys – free one-hour webinar on the money saving and safety benefits of efficient journey planning and management.

19th March 2015: A practical approach to fleet safety for small businesses, London (UK) – free day-long seminar on how Brake’s Pledge can help any company’s fleet safety.

Pearson added“I would urge all SME managers to book one now, to get to grips with how they can reduce their company’s road risk and protect their employees, vehicles, members of the public and ultimately their business.”