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New Year New Refresh Business Thinking 2017

New Year, New You? Refresh Your Business Thinking For 2017

by constructaquote - 27 January 2017


As annoying as everyone’s resolutions can be, the New Year is undeniably a great time to shake off old habits and develop some new, effective ones. If last year wasn’t the best year for your business, the New Year is the perfect time to make a change.

In order to grow your business this year, consider looking at every aspect of your business in a new way, from a different perspective.

Whilst adding/removing certain products or services will have an effect on your sales, ultimately, it’s your mind-set that will really make the difference and transform your business.

Here are some ways you could shake things up in 2017:

  1. Being more positive

It’s cheesy, but true. Adopting a positive mentality can go a long way. This doesn’t mean you have to be unrealistic and live in a bubble of bliss all the time, but when you come across obstacles or issues that can be stressful, a positive mind-set will drastically help you deal with the hurdles and determine the outcome. Positivity is also contagious, so not only will your employees enjoy their job more, your customers will feel the effects of it too.

  1. Taking risks

When you take risks in your business it’s normal to be fearful, but unfortunately, nothing good comes from staying in your comfort zone. Understanding the difference between a risk to your business and something that’s seriously detrimental will help you make wise decisions that could steer your business in new directions and grow.

  1. Feeling curious

You could try exploring new ways to help your business reach customers. Don’t be intimidated when it comes to delving into the world of digital. As a business it is important to be active online; whether it’s creating content, social media campaigns, sending newsletters to your customers, try something new. This is also a great way to understand your customers more.

Innovation is the key to keeping your business current. Be curious about developing new tools, features, products and services to stay ahead of the game.

  1. Avoid Self-Sabotaging

If something goes wrong, try not to beat yourself up over it. Instead, treat your mistakes as learning experiences. Be glad you had them (even if they were stressful) as this will help you avoid doing the same thing again in future. When something goes wrong, accept it and get over it as quick as you can so that your positive energy can be channelled into productivity and growth. Whatever happened last year is in the past.

  1. Get organised

Being organised in your business may sound like a no brainer, but many businesses are still unorganised when it comes to things like managing appointments, payroll, orders, tax returns, insurance etc. A cluttered desk and extensive to-do lists prevent your brain from focusing clearly on what needs your attention. Use the beginning of the year to get everything in order. Whether it’s using a new management system to simplify your transactions or remembering to renew your business insurance, getting organised will help to reduce your stress levels so that you can focus purely on the things that matter.

  1. Have Faith In Employees

Don’t focus on only recruiting employees with all the skills and experience. Instead, instead you could try opting for hungry, driven individuals that are willing to learn. Talent can be developed and creativity can be nurtured and strengthened. Trust that people have potential and you can mould them into the perfect asset for your business. Having faith in your employees will encourage them to grow on their own accord as the business grows.

Leaders should lead by example but also allow staff to take responsibility for their own areas allowing them independence to make decisions (within reason). Improving the culture of your business will encourage your employees to really ‘show up’ for work.

A business that adopts a growth mind-set will drastically help the growth of the business. Whilst it’s important for the business owner to implement all of the above, they should also demonstrate this ethos to the work force in order to change the culture of the business to align it with growth.

Obviously growth can be down to a number of factors, but for any business that wishes to set and meet new goals and objectives, whilst continually moving forward; changing their mind-set is a great place to start.