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What Insurance Do You Need As A Bricklayer

by constructaquote - 20 July 2016


The specialised sector of the construction industry, including the bricklayer profession is growing year on year. Bricklaying is a skill and if it is your chosen profession or something you offer as part of your business or as a sole trader, you may want to have specialised insurance in place. Whilst specialist insurance isn’t essential, it makes it much easier to get all of the cover you need in a single bundled policy and removes the need to worry about going from supplier to supplier finding individual insurance policies for your business.

High Risk Business Insurance

Bricklaying isn’t the riskiest of construction site roles but any job which takes place in this industry is higher risk than your average profession and so it is critical you have the right insurances in place. As a bricklayer you are likely to come into contact with members of the public and you may also have employees, in the form of trainees and apprentices or other professionals who are part of your business. Bricklayer insurance is designed to protect your business interests, your clients and those who work for you. Bricklayer’s insurance will incorporate:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance

Public Liability Insurance

As a bricklayer, members of the public may pass your site or may even enter your site, whether they should or not. It is often also the case that you are working on properties which belongs to a member of the public and there is a risk that you may cause damage to their property and also a risk that they may suffer an accident on the site. If they do suffer an accident or their property is damaged, then they could choose to pursue a claim against your company and this is where your public liability insurance comes in.

Public liability insurance is an optional cover which provides you with protection against any of the costs that are associated with the damage or injury, even if it goes as far as a claim for compensation and court.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

As a bricklayer you may or may not have employees. Often professional bricklayers expand their business and take on a more senior role after years of experience and when this happens they may employ trainees and apprenticeships, so there is always a good supply of bricklayers. If you employ anybody then you are legally required to have an employer’s liability insurance policy in place. It must have a minimum of £5 million but many policies offer more than this and it covers you should an employee fall ill or suffer an accident at work and there be compensation due to the employee.

Considering Contractors All Risks Insurance

Contractors All Risks Insurance may be relevant for bricklayers and it is a policy which many working in the construction profession opt to have in addition to their regular public liability insurance. Contractors All Risks insurance is specific to your tools and equipment and insures them in the event that they are lost, stolen or damaged.

Most bricklayers have a range of tools and equipment necessary for their business and a Contractors All Risks policy can be closely tailored to your individual business needs and removes the stress of trying to replace all your equipment should the worst happen.

As a bricklayer you may never have considered a specialised insurance policy before but if you speak to others in your sector you’ll probably find it is more common than you thought.