Pokémon Go: Catch them all, just don’t catch a claim


It is the app that has swept the world. An augmented reality game, Pokémon Go maps the real world and encourages players to catch digital characters from the original 90’s game and TV show, adding them to their personal Pokedex.

The game has inspired people to go outside, explore new places and even get into trouble.

It’s a fact that some people are clumsy and when you mix walking around whilst staring at your smartphone; it’s no surprise that insurers throughout the world are recognising the need for Pokémon Go accident insurance.

With worrying reports of accidents occurring due to players walking out into oncoming traffic, scaling buildings and driving whilst playing, is it any wonder?

Despite this, local businesses are using the game to their advantage with many advertising their shop, restaurant or café as a Pokéstop or gym, in the hope of attracting more customers.

But what if an accident happens at your place of business, or on your premises?

If your business happens to be a regular Poké player pit stop then the influx of traffic from gamers could not only increase business; it could mean more risk.

With players distracted by their smartphones business could see an increase in slips, trips and falls as well as customers accidentally walking into objects and overlooking hazards.

Public Liability insurance is designed to provide financial protection in the event that a customer or third party suffers an accident whilst on your property as a result of your business operations.

However, with the phenomenon being relatively new, there are currently no known liability claims associated with the game in the UK. So the question remains, will businesses be held liable in the event of a claim?

The likelihood is, insurers will look at individual claims differently depending on the circumstances.

With business insurance designed to protect your livelihood, it is generally considered ‘better to be safe than sorry’ however it is too early to tell if insurers will take customer negligence into consideration. What is clear is that whilst it’s unlikely that you would consider purchasing insurance for the sole purpose of the game it still highlights the importance of having business insurance protection.

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