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5 useful blogs entrepreneurs must read

5 useful blogs entrepreneurs should read

by constructaquote - 2 August 2018


If you’re thinking about setting up a business, then it is important to understand the pros and cons of running your own business. Here are some blogs we think can help you better understand what there is to know about being an entrepreneur.


Entrepreneur.com is home to the Entrepreneur magazine, which offers advice, insight and guides to established and aspiring entrepreneurs. The site is regularly updated and with highly informative, useful content surrounding entrepreneurship. You can also subscribe to the Entrepreneur magazine.

You can visit Entrepreneur.com here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/


Virgin is a globally recognised brand which focuses on investing in media, travel, finance and entertainment.  Set up by entrepreneur Richard Branson, this blog is useful for those looking for advice and guidance on setting up a business alone. Many of the contributing bloggers come from business backgrounds, with many owning and running their own successful businesses. This is an excellent place to read expert opinions.

If you’re interested in finding more about Virgin then visit their website: https://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur


INC. is a website and magazine which publishes tips, news and advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs. INC.com discusses various topic including personal CEO stories, how-to-guides and vlogs . This blog is delivered in a creative way, giving readers an insight into the pros and cons of going into business.

You can check out INC. website here https://www.inc.com/

Entrepreneurs Organization

Featuring a range of regularly updated blogs, Entrepreneurs Organization is another great read. Featuring several guest writers, this blog is simple to read but yet easy to follow. You can also subscribe and a become member which allows you to attend events, join forums and also educational training.


SMART Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is run by entrepreneur Pat Flynn, who established the company in 2008. His blogs discuss the highs and lows of setting a business alone and offers advice to those seeking to become an entrepreneur. Updated on a weekly basis, the site always has something new and interesting to offer and is great for all who are interested or want to learn more about going into business.

Take a look at SMART Passive Income: https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/blog/

We also have a list of blogs covering various aspects to being an entrepreneur, from help to guides to finance and investments opportunities. Have a look at our own blogs here.

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