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How should tradespeople use social media to grow their business?

by constructaquote - 3 July 2017


Utilising social media platforms is an amazing way to grow your business, from finding leads for your company, to using the latest trends to stay on top of the game. [0] Social Media has a strong relevance in this day and age, creating your own social media strategy can be an asset to tap into more leads and improve customer service.

Now, the level of social media needed is all about your demographic and size of clientele. Each social network works differently, and they need to be treated that way, but still following your brand’s identity.


The most used social media network with the ability to aim at local communities and even those who are looking at similar companies as you.  Local and Regional companies should take on this way of interacting as it allows for the largest way of getting exposure due to it being the word’s largest social networking site. [1]

Imagery is one of the best ways for customers to take in information, especially online as it takes the brain longer to process text-based or verbal information, while the time it takes to process non-verbal, visual content is 0.25 seconds. [2] With the ability to check reviews and message customers directly, both new and returning customers have an easier time organising things compared to e-mailing or having to wait for the phone to ring. It’s the future of customer service. [3]

Sponsored adverts allow for more people to find your company. If a user has been on other websites looking for tradesmen (especially if they are in the local area), you are more likely to feature for this user if you choose the right settings. Be more specific than just tradesmen in the audience selection, options like repairs, building, and development could help find the right people for you.


This platform is quick paced and can require a little more attention than Facebook. You can post, text, photos and videos onto the platform, you can also add hashtags to your post which puts your tweet into a category that can be seen worldwide.

In order to grow in your local region, you could purchase sponsored tweets which will work similarly to Facebook’s ad system. Once again, be specific in your choice of keywords. You are looking for a niche audience that requires your service.

Another feature is that you can search through trending hashtags to find relevant things to tweet about to build a following. You can also take a direct approach to marketing and search for tweets about tradesmen or building needs in your local area in the advanced search function. [4]

There is a 280 character limit, so in-depth communication would be better to take place in direct messages, by default you would have to follow each other to do this, but you can enable in your settings for anyone to message you. Allowing more communication streams for potential clients, you can also send them your public e-mail address. It isn’t recommended to send out personal e-mails and telephone numbers.


Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram has a focus on images with a text post underneath it. Similar to Twitter, you are able to search for local hashtags and local posts. It’s crucial to understand the specific audience or brand style you are going for as it’ll need to be reflected in the imagery.

A post of a stunning kitchen you have just finished would be interesting, especially if you want your Instagram to look more like a portfolio. You can share pictures of you and possibly co-workers on a job to come across as more human of a company too. If a customer comments on a picture, make sure you tag them in your comment reply instead of ignoring them as they will be more likely to interact and use you in the future. [5]


YouTube is a great platform and is the second most used search engine on the web. [6] This platform shouldn’t be used as a dumping ground for videos you have filmed in passing because YouTube’s algorithm will automatically reduce how high your video will appear in search results and recommended videos. They will view your channel as less marketable. [7]

When making videos for YouTube, try and make the content reflect your brand and company’s identity. Use the profile picture and channel banner options in order to keep everything professional looking and appealing to customers.

Make sure that on each video you upload you write an attractive title and description as this will affect the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Link Building is important to reach higher on search engines like Google, however they can affect your rating on the YouTube algorithm, so limit the amount of links you post. Each of these has to reflect the content correctly and also get the people you would want to click onto your content and stay. [8] YouTube has an audience retention function which analyses how long someone has watched your video. The higher the percentage the better chance your content will appear in other’s recommended videos.

With all of this taken on board, figure out which social media platforms would be best for your company to use, remember that is has to be quality over quantity, you don’t need to be on every platform but each platform you choose needs great content, try a few things out and get growing your social media identity.

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