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5 affordable washing machines for 2019

by Kim Latham - 21 May 2019


With so many washing machines on the market choosing one can be a tricky business but it’s important to select one that caters to your everyday needs and your budget.

Get it right, and your brand new machine could last for years, get it wrong, and you could find yourself in a financial spin.

Whether you’re a family of four or in the process of setting up a cleaning business, basing your decision on brand, price, or model, a washing machine, (while a somewhat boring household item to spend hard earned cash on,) is still something that everyone needs…unless you plan on paying weekly visits to a laundrette.

While it may be extremely tempting to select a cheap option, Expert Reviews advises against this saying:

“Don’t be tempted to choose a washing machine based on price alone: this is often a false economy and may actually end up being more expensive in the long term. A cheap machine might well use more water and electricity, take longer to wash your clothes, and not give the same cleaning or stain-removing performance of pricier models.

What is public liability insurance?

It’s also likely to break down more regularly, and since a call-out fee alone can be upwards of £100, chances are the machine won’t be worth repairing if it’s out of warranty. Indeed, many budget manufacturers now produce units with sealed drum bearings that can’t be repaired at all. In short, you get what you pay for.”

While buying a cheap machine clearly has its pitfalls, most people don’t want to spend all of their salary on such a mundane item so check out our list of 5 affordable washing machines that won’t break the bank.

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Beko WTG1041R2W under £300

This Turkish brand of machine costs under £300 from Curries and boasts the following product and top features according to the retailer.

Product features:

  • Capacity: 10 kg
  • Spin speed: 1400 rpm
  • Quick wash time: 14 minutes for 2 kg

Top features:

  • Quick wash mode saves you when something needs washing right now
  • Large door makes loading laundry easy
  • Time delay function sets the laundry to your schedule
  • Convenient features save you time and money

Quick wash
Wash a full load in half an hour, or a small one in 14 minutes. If you’re caught without a shirt in the morning, you can have one washed in less time than it takes to have breakfast.

Large door
Load and unload loads of washing loads easier. Save the effort of hauling wet laundry through the porthole, and let it just tumble into your laundry basket.

Time delay function
Delay the start time by up to 19 hours, so you don’t have to remember to turn the Beko on in the morning. You can have it set to finish just as you get home in the evening and get it all unloaded and folded while dinner’s still in the oven.

Convenient features
The large load capacity allows you to get more done at once. This means no more multiple loads throughout the day – just one cycle and your laundry is done. Washing fewer loads will also save you on your electricity bill, which is further improved by the A+++ energy rating.

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HOOVER Dynamic Next DXOC 69AFN NFC 9 kg 1600 Spin Washing Machine from £269

Product features

  • Capacity: 9 kg
  • Spin speed: 1600 rpm
  • Quick wash time: 14 minutes for 1.5 kg
  • Energy rating: A+++
According to Curry’s these are the top features:

Wide range of washes and settings

The versatile Hoover Dynamic Next offers a great number of options to cover all your laundry needs – including delicates and wool. The useful All-In-One setting lets you wash all colours and fabrics together in just 59 minutes.

With a stylish, tinted door and an extra-large porthole the washer is easy to open, load and empty – reducing strain on your body and making your life a little bit easier.

NFC washing machine

One touch control offers a clever solution that works as simply as a contactless payment system. With an Android smartphone you can control, monitor and manage the machine through the Hoover Wizard app.

Monitor energy levels, download new wash cycles, troubleshoot the machine and operate settings remotely. There’s even a handy voice assist feature.

Intelligent Wash System

The Hoover Dynamic Next Washing Machine uses advanced electronic controls to constantly monitor and adjust the wash process throughout the cycle, resulting in great results every time.

KG mode saves energy by weighing the laundry, then adjusting the cycle time, water and electricity consumption to suit the size of the load.

A+++ energy rating

With an energy rating of A+++, your washing machine saves energy and is kinder to the environment. A maximum spin speed of 1600 rpm reduces drying time by removing more water from your clothes.

With a total wash capacity of 9 kg, it can clean up to 40 shirts or 8 large bath towels – more than enough for a family load.

Bosch WAB28161GB Freestanding Washing Machine, 6kg Load, A+++ Energy Rating, 1400rpm Spin, White from £289

Helpful features and a very impressive A+++ for energy efficiency according to John Lewis making the Bosch WAB28161GB washing machine a powerful and economical option for all laundry needs.

Speed Perfect
Along with 16 clothes care programmes this model also features Bosch’s innovative Speed Perfect option which allows the user to reduce cycle times by up to 40%. This will come in handy when you need garments clean in a hurry, or if you’d just like to save on energy.

Allergy Plus
Easy to clean control dials select wash programmes, temperature and special programmes which include an allergy plus cycle.
Fitted with a special “Sensitive” cycle, this machine maintains a higher temperature for longer and runs an additional rinse cycle, to reduce allergy-causing residue. There is also a “water plus” option, which allows an additional rinse cycle to be added, so your clothes will always come out clean, fresh and free of allergens.

A timer delay and a time remaining display keeps you in control of your washing at all times. And for further peace of mind, the automatic load stabilisation and water protection system protects even the most delicate clothes, while also expertly preventing flooding.

Peace of mind
Bosch guarantees that if an appliance is discontinued, its major components will be available for at least 10 years afterwards in the event of a part needing replacement.

Hoover DXOA 49C3B 9KG 1400 Spin Washing Machine – Black from £249.99

The Hoover Dynamic Next Advance, DXOA 49C3B uses intelligent sensor technology to weigh the laundry during the first 4 minutes of the cycle, then adjust the cycle time, water and electricity consumption to suit the size of the load, says Argos.

It has 3 ‘A’ rated quick wash programmes which ensure your clothes are thoroughly cleaned in the quickest time possible. Awarded an A+++ energy rating this washing machine is extremely energy efficient, great for saving you money on your bills as well as excellent at taking care of your clothes.

One touch offers a clever solution that works as simply as a contactless payment system, by using an android smartphone, you can control, monitor and manage the appliance via your mobile device through the Hoover wizard app.

The intelligent wash system uses highly advanced electronic controls to constantly monitor and adjust the wash process, resulting in optimum performance throughout the cycle.

This totally redesigned 3d dynamic drum uses increased water pressure, curved paddles and a raised dome system to move the laundry in a 3- dimensional way, providing the innovative dynamics that ensures clothes are washed to the optimum performance.

Hotpoint WMAOD844P 8Kg Washing Machine with 1400 rpm – White – A+++ Rated from £279

For brilliant results wash after wash, this white Hotpoint washing machine is ideal, according to ao.com. Its 8kg drum makes it perfect for medium-sized households. Thanks to the Anti-Allergy setting, higher temperatures remove bacteria and allergens from laundry, which means it’s great if you have sensitive skin.

You can have every item totally spotless as well with Anti-Stain Technology, which removes 20 of the most common marks – for an excellent clean every time. Your favourite knitted items will look great too, as the certified Wool Mark Green programme uses lower temperatures and slower spin speeds to keep your delicate clothes looking like new.

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