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Top 5 marketing tips business

Top 5 marketing tips for your business

by constructaquote - 28 July 2016


Each year brings with it new marketing trends that present challenges and opportunities and 2015 was no different. With New Years Eve looming, small businesses would do well to review plans with the key trends for 2016 in mind.

Many trends rely on new technology and you may think they’re not for you, however, barriers to entry into these marketing channels are often lower than you think and a small investment – in building an app for example – can deliver great rewards.

Here are five trends we think it’s worth keeping your eye on. If you’re not familiar with them yet, get yourself up to speed and then ask yourself if they could work for you and what’s stopping you grabbing a piece of the action.

1.Mobile marketing

With the majority of UK consumers now in possession of a smartphone or tablet device, mobile marketing is a trend businesses can’t ignore. A third of smartphone owners use their devices to buy products directly, not just get information, so there has never been a better time to get a mobile presence and tap into the mobile market. If you are one of those businesses who can make the leap to mobile in 2016, then you’ll benefit from an ever increasing potential customer base that browses and spends on the move.

2. Digital wallets

According to a 2011 survey by Barclays, two-thirds of UK shoppers said cash is inconvenient. Fast forward a few years and the likes of Apply pay, contactless and mobile banking have become mainstream. If you’re not already benefitting from this new trend then you should be.

3. Green Trends

Sustainable living is becoming more of a pressing issue each day, which in turn is pushing ‘green trends’ into the mainstream. Re-commerce are those brands and companies that help consumers recycle by taking back all old items and then doing something constructive with them. These programs leave consumers no excuse not to recycle, increase brand awareness and build a positive reputation with the public and customers alike. Leaders in this growing trend have been the electronics market following the EU legislation that demands that all member states process 85% of their electronic waste by 2016. How can your business demonstrate its green credentials and help your customers go green? Why not look at proactive approaches to sustainability that cover your own consumption and carbon footprint and also help your customers do better themselves.

4. DIY Health

Mobile trends just keep on coming and there are now countless new apps targeting the huge DIY health market. With so many business cashing in on the health factor, identifying a need and ‘running’ with it may bot be as hard as you think. To build an app you’d need an idea, developers and initial capital investment. However, if your app is successful you could find yourself with a steady income stream.

5. Location Based Marketing

The Internet is constantly becoming more competitive. As more and more businesses jump online to start building their presence, those who focus locally in their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) efforts, will see better and faster results in their campaign responses. Marketing using global-positioning technology to send geographic-specific business offers to consumers is a large and growing opportunity for businesses of all sizes. FourSquare is a social media platform that exploits positioning technology and offers a range of commercial opportunities for advertising and sharing.