Top 5 Online Tools to Help You Save


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Moneybox is designed to help people get into the saving and investment habit. Any small change in your account with moneybox can be rounded up and placed into stocks, shares and ISAs.

Money Dashboard keeps track of all of your money in one place and breaks down spending. The app groups similar transactions together to show you how much you’re spending and it allows users to set up goals with a budget planner.

Squirrel – If you want to see exactly what you’re spending your salary on each month then this could be the savings app for you. This app splits your money into bills, goals, and a weekly spend to help you stay on track.

Monzo is a bank that gives access to budgeting features and which breaks down spending habits as part of its banking app which will handily point out which stores you’re spending most of your hard-earned cash in!

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