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review Public Liability insurance

When should you review your Public Liability insurance?

by constructaquote - 4 July 2016


As your business grows there are many positives to look forward to but there are also elevated risks. Here we are looking at reasons which may occur in your business’ development that would see you needing to review your public liability insurance.

Business on the road

As your business grows you may get more involved with roadshows, conferences and workshops. If you take your business to industry conventions and trade shows, then you may want to check whether your insurance could cover any risks associated with exhibiting.

If an attendee at an event happens to injure themselves at your stand then you could be found liable; be sure that your public liability insurance can cover you whilst you take your business on the road.

Client requirements

You may have been continuing in your business with a minimum level of public liability insurance, but if a new contract comes your way and the contractor or organisation require a higher level then you may need to increase your level of cover to win the contract.

Some organisations demand a set level of cover before you can work on their premises or on their behalf and if a contract is worth a significant amount to your business, you may decide that it is worth the additional insurance cover.

Employing staff

Employing staff means you could legally require Employers’ liability insurance. There are very few exceptions to this as per the 1969 Employers’ liability (compulsory insurance) Act.

Renting premises

As you’re probably already aware, should a customer, client or member of the public injure themselves in any way on your premises you may be held liable. If you have always worked from home but reach a level where you now need to rent premises, then you may be receiving more visitors than ever before. With more client visitors and other third party visitors your risk of a public liability claim may inevitably increase.

Public liability insurance cover is available as standard up to £5 million and the level of cover you need is something you can assess on an individual basis.

Growth for your company is great and transition can be a very exciting time but it is important to remember the admin side of things too. Being left without the adequate insurance cover could be disastrous.