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must ways to improve website leads

6 must haves to improve your website lead generation

by constructaquote - 21 January 2018


Your website is very often the first thing customers will see regarding the product or service you offer. It needs to be highly competent at feeding the right information to your audience and encouraging them to take the next steps on the path to becoming a customer. Without leads, your sales will suffer. Therefore, it’s crucial to improve the number of leads you receive. There are some straightforward features that you can add to your website to improve your lead generation, here are some of them…

  1. Clearly displayed contact details

Sometimes people don’t have the time to trawl through your website; they just want to call or email you and get the answer to their question. Potential leads will always look to the top right-hand corner for your phone number before they scroll to the bottom to search for the ‘Contact Us’ page. Make sure that your phone number and email address is clearly displayed in both locations. Phone numbers have the added benefit of increasing customer trust for those that prefer a quick answer from a human.

  1. Clear testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to show potential new customers what fantastic work you have done for other people. If you want powerful testimonials, think about asking some of your clients if you can record them on video talking about the service you provided. Videos are much more likely to be watched by your audience. If your website doesn’t have the space for videos, then photographs and a snippet of information will work well. Don’t go overboard; people tend not to read large bodies of text. Keep it short and snappy.

  1. Professionally written content

The way your website reads it essential for capturing leads. It should provide the audience with the questions and answers they are likely to be thinking when they land on your website, making it easy for them to decide early on if your product or service is suitable for them. When it comes to copywriting, many business owners try to cut costs by writing it themselves. However, this can be a major mistake. There is a skill to writing in a persuasive manner, and you should speak to an expert about getting your website copy written properly in order to improve your sales.

  1. Make sure you have a quality website 

In this day and age, a shoddy website will not do. Consumers are consistently warned about the perils of online fraud. If they come through to a website with broken links, spelling mistakes, and low-resolution images then they are not going to trust you. As we live in a digital age, more and more users now access websites from mobiles and tablets, so it’s crucial that your website is optimised to appear clearly on any device. If you’re opting for a cheaper method by using a template with a platform such as WordPress, it’s worth paying a developer to give your site the once over and test it on different devices. If your audience can’t navigate your website quickly and easily, you’ll lose out on leads.

  1. A clear call to action on every page

It seems pointless to put a call to action on every page, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. Having a clear call to action at every point of the customer journey makes it more likely that your potential lead will follow through and contact you for your services or buy your product. There is some pretty nifty psychology behind why. Research has shown that our brains expect a call to action. We’re subconsciously looking for it. They also arouse our built-in curiosity. Unsatisfied curiosity causes humans to feel unsettled. It’s the equivalent of a ‘don’t push the red button’ sign. There is also research out there that suggests that green call to action buttons perform better than any other colour.

  1. Test everything

Don’t just build your website, plonk your content on there and leave it in the hope that it will work. It’s imperative that you spend some time testing. Ask friends and family to navigate your website and tell you whether or not it’s easy to use. Test moving your call to action to different parts of the page, highlighting different brand colours or changing your content. Spend some time getting to know which layout and style encourages your potential customers to take the next step towards purchasing your services. You should be linking your website to Google Analytics and using this to determine which of your landing pages are the most successful. Spend some real time testing a variety of items on your website, and you’ll work out the best formation for lead generation in no time.

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